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Amazing Race Losers Calmly Tell Producers to Shove It, Work to Ready Own Yoga Reality Show

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eric_lisa_paskel-amazing-race-lossYesterday we acted out our civic duty in delivering the somber update from the halls of reality television land. Regretfully, our one reason to watch this season’s Amazing Race was cruelly swept away from us faster than a speeding SUV headed to LAX! Eric and Lisa Paskel, aka Team Yoga, were left in the dust after losing the first challenge before even crossing the starting line. What a bust! It goes without saying we take full responsibility for the shocking loss because we didn’t even remember to flip on the TV to root them on, what kind of yogadorks are we?!

As true yogis, Lisa and Eric tried to detach themselves from expectations, but still, it stings. bad. As Lisa puts it in the exit interview,

“it’s like going to the Stanley Cup playoff game and injuring your wrist and not being able to get out and play in the game. And so not being able to do it I feel like an injured hockey player.”

Seriously, ouchness.

The pair spoke with Reality Wanted post-defeat and threatened us filled us in on their plans to invade reality television, for real. Another reality show? Yes! (huge kudos to Yoga Spy for uncovering the evidence).

An interview with TVguide.com further reveals that not only did the couple ditch the entire production of AR after losing (they shuffled off to India instead of staying at the typical sequestered location), they’re prepping their own new reality TV show based on their lives!

TVGuide.com: What’s next for you guys?
We’re just finishing up a contract with Leftfield Pictures that is going to be producing a pilot for us called The Ordinary Gurus. It’s going to be a day in the life of the Paskel family. We have four yoga studios and a fifth that will be opening in Studio City, and dozens and dozens of teachers, employees. It will be Intervention meets Work Out meets The Osbournes. … We have an infomercial that I’m shooting in November for a DVD series I have out called Explosion.

Leaping lizards, is this reality for real? Brace yourselves, folks. This YogaPop bubble is only getting bigger! Yogapreneurs ahoy! Can we really be surprised? Eric has had a (brief) acting history (90210, Baywatch, etc) and the two have a riddled past of addiction and dysfunction (they were divorced and then married again) perfect for reality TV. *sigh* Who knows if the show will actually air, but seriously… a reality show? We were only kidding with the Yoga With the Stars idea.

Losing Amazing Race before it starts, “a tough sandwich to swallow”

Also, side note, pardon the AR newbness, but do all the contestants have to have some kind of dysfunction between them? We are so out of the drama-for-production-value loop.

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  • I’ll only watch if she pops out 8 kids.

  • I’m scared. First Bikram copywrites his series and makes billions now a yoga reality show a la Osbournes. Yikes. I may have to skip that one. I fear they may end up doing the practice a lot more harm than good with where they are heading. But at least they’ll be house hold names and have made a bundle. That is whatit is all about, isn’t it?

  • ashdyogi

    i dont like it.. straight up.. its selling out. this is not what yoga is about..

    how are they self proclaimed “GURU’S” anyhow? this is the one area i dont like about yoga.

  • Oh my lord! Another TV show piece of fluff to avoid. But this time, its coz I might be ill checking out their version of ‘yoga’. Those two are kinda scary!

  • Petty comment:
    Another thing that annoyed me about them was the guy’s repeated use of the word “friggin'” on TV. Once, during the pair’s intro interview and once when he was in full panic mode when they couldn’t find the Shinagawa license plate (aren’t yogis supposed to be calm and notice details, ie, kanji characters not normally printed on … clue cards?).

    I’m not opposed to profanity. Like, when Norman Allen says, “F*ck yourself” to Nick Rosen in Enlighten Up!, he had a purpose (see http://archives.starbulletin.com/2008/07/08/features/story01.html if you need it spelled out).

    But, here, all of the friggin’ this and friggin’ that just sounded juvenile and poser-ish to me.

  • Great. A Yoga reality show. Just what we need!


  • Well, they’re definitely “ordinary.” Not sure if I’d call them gurus, though. However, I will definitely be tuning into their show. It may even usurp my ANTM obsession!

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