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Down Dog Couture: Juicy Couture Turns Yoga Proper With New Line, New Slogans

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juicy_couture_down_dog_coutureSurely at one time or another we’ve all experienced some sort of “juicy”ness in yoga class – whether it’s during a particularly hip-stretching /emotion-expanding pose, being elicited by a teacher with a fondness for other salivatory adjectives like “delicious” and “yummy”, or getting an eyeful of it plastered across the cotton candy pink rear of the down-dogging yogi in front of you. If you found that ‘JUICY’ butt in your face wasn’t distracting enough, you’re going to be so psyched about the new yoga line from Juicy Couture, the indiscreetly titled Down Dog Couture, prepping for launch just in time for the holidays!

Finally, the ubiquitous velour tracksuits will be joined by a full-fledged yoga specific clothing line, but instead of plain old ‘juicy’ rumps we get messages like “Life is Juicy” and “Breathe/Relax” and undoubtedly many more signature froo froo, sometimes cute, slogans printed on “nylon camisoles, zip-up fleece jackets and fold-over waist pants in a range of styles.” However, you may be pleased to know that due to unhappy parents of teenybopper girls, Juicy has decided to phase out the buttcheek-placed messages, so at least there’s that.

At price points of a fairly mid-range $20-40, not only could the squishy ones pose a threat to Lululemon, they could give cheapies like Old Navy a run for their money too, because Juicy is a cult brand and they’re not afraid to use it!  “Yoga is a part of the California lifestyle,” co-owner Gela Nash-Taylor told Women’s Wear Daily, and it looks like the Liz Claiborne-owned brand has every intention of unabashedly utilizing their celebrity clout once again to promote it (and apparently models doing their own version of the Karate Kid crane).

Confusing side note: For the yogawear fans keeping score at home, Down Dog Couture was actually officially launched in early 2003 with a big Hollywood celeb filled fete including guests like Brooke Shields, Mandy Moore and Jessica Biel. Why it took them so long to go to market is not apparently clear. Can we go with extended meditation?

And that’s the latest story from the ministry of unsurprising yogawear news.

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  • I hope YogaDawg will put a rush on his new line of “Yoga Dog Couture” to meet this new competition.

  • laluna

    *sigh* I’m sorry, I can’t stand Juicy. In truth, though, I think it has something to do with too much time in the Duran fandom and all the nutty tards who would wear the line just because of who Gela is.

    And I second Bob’s comment! 🙂

  • Muscles

    Plus now I the “cotton candy pink rear of the down-dogging yogi” will be comfortable in materials appropriate for yoga!
    Bought my first set last weekend! Awesome timing Juicy!!

  • jojo

    where can I buy this new line ???

  • muscles

    At all juicy couture retail stores

    You can find a.location near you on the Juicy Couture website

  • Lindsey

    It’s available at select Nordstrom stores, and it’s gorgeous!!

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