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[Because It’s Friday!] Dog Rides Bicycle, Pedals Us Into the Weekend

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Ah, Friday. The end of the work week, when it’s finally acceptable to daydream of weekend plans. Maybe you’re whisking your tuches off to some remote location, finding peace with the remote on the couch, or settling your tush down on the zafu for peace of mind. OR, you could be planning a bike ride…with your dog (!) like this woman in a clip from Animal Planet’s Superfetch. A dog riding a bike? ‘Preposterous’ you say! Well he’s already got the yoga thing down (ask YogaDawg).

Anyway, he seems to be enjoying it. We guess it’s ok, as long as she doesn’t make him get a paper route. And where’s his helmet??

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  • A careful look at the video will show that the dog is not really pedaling. It’s legs are sort of just flopping about. But does anybody care? The dog is still on the bike!

    This was fun.

    Bob Weisenberg

  • Actually, Bob, I do see a few pedal strokes. The trouble is that the bike seat is too high for his legs. He’s actually doing an ace job on an improperly fitted bike. (Of course, I know that you’re waiting for a dog to hold racket in mouth and give a good rally on a tennis court.)

    Awesome video, YogaDork. You have a stellar research team.

    Yoga Spy

  • Woof!

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