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[Because It’s Wednesday!] September 23, Cosmic Chaos and the Mysterious Case of Mars Landing on Sydney

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Do not adjust your computer screen…red-dust-sydney-beach-600x400According to the cosmically in tune, today, September 23, 2009, is a day of great astrological unrest. Chaos if you will, as Mercury opposes Uranus, and Saturn is throwing a few punches in the ring too, or something like that. Anyway, if you’re experiencing some sudden changes recently, and you believe in the power of cosmic energy, this planetary scuffle could have something to do with it. Hell, Mercury’s been in retrograde all month. However, have no fear! If anything we yogadorks know that change is just about the only thing that’s constant and chances are you could use it right about now, right? Aw come on, admit it. Perhaps then it’s a lucky coincidence September happens to be Yoga Month, where awareness and new beginnings are in the air.


Also in the air, some freaky red dust hovering over Sydney, Australia this (Weds) morning like the settling of Mars on the coast of down under (see before an after shot above). As spectacularly apocalyptic and oddly gorgeous as it looks, the dust caused some respiratory troubles for Aussie residents, and left scientists and meteorologists still scratching their craniums as to what caused it. Which just makes us feel great! The city of Sydney looks like a scene from a Close Encounters of the Third Kind sequel and there’s no explanation. Well we guess it just goes to show, the only thing you really can control, or at least try and make sense of, is what’s inside. Like the red dust, we are but particles in this massive universe. Meditate on THAT. If you’re keeping up with the Namaste Book Club Meditation Month, this is probably an especially auspicious day for it.

See more photos here and here.

Thus concludes your tripped out psychedelic post of the week.

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  • Luckily for us Melbournians, the dust storm went north, not south. So Brisbane was also covered in red dust yesterday too! All I could do was gawk with the rest and offer commiserations to my Sydney buddies. 🙂

  • Oh, and check out Boston.com’s Big Picture assembly of photos for the day Mars landed on Sydney…

  • wow, that really is the strangest thing I’ve ever seen! incredible!

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