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Ashley Dupre: Call Girl Turned Yogi, Tweeter (Not Screwing Russell Simmons)

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Oh sure it’s the first day of Autumn, but bet you didn’t know this was pseudo-celebriyogi awareness day!

ashley-dupreSome may remember Ashley Dupre and her scandalous business dealings with ex-NYC gov Elliot Spitzer, but that’s all in the past. Ms. Dupre is living in the PRESENT, now that she’s found yoga salvation with help from none other than everyone’s favorite yogihiphoptwitterer, Russell Simmons. Lucky for us, Ashley is on twitter too! Where she can broadcast up to the minute details on her yogic progress. For instance, just the other day she shared her latest prana-eliciting practice alongside good pal Russ, which we believe was most likely in the Hamptons at the Yee’s joint. Life after prostitution is brighter than you thought eh?

UPDATE! Russell Simmons responds to rumors– not fucking Ashley, only yoga promise!


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  • Just get this feeling that Ashley and George Clooney’s ex should get in touch and form an Ex-Famous Squeeze Yoga School. Get taught yoga by those that have bonked the famous! Have this strange idea it might just take off, they’d make a mint!

    That’s free from me to you 😉

  • Well, YogaDork, you’ve finally done it–succeeded in coming up with a blog that left me speechless.

    Or perhaps “writeless” is a better term. I honestly don’t know what to say, so I won’t try!

    Bob Weisenberg

  • blech. all these celebyogis like OctoFreakMom and ExMistressYogi and Show Biz Yogis supposedly making 6 figures while I’m not buying a damn thing for myself in order to save money to study in India make me never want to go to another class. ever. it’s all gotten way too far from the pure teachings for me. thank goodness I spent a weekend with my teacher who studied with Krishnamacharya for 30+ to remind me what real yoga is all about.

  • Yoga … chi … threatened Japanese dolphins … home-cooked dinner …

    If you highlight only the key words, you would think these are enlightened people, no?

    Yoga Spy

  • laluna

    *insert eyeroll here*

    that is all.

  • amy

    gives new meaning to the term..downward dog

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