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Let’s Get Ready To…WWE Yoga! Another Game for Wii, Featuring Pro Wrestler Trish Stratus

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trish-stratusWii yoga games are apparently the new iPhone app. There’s already the sensibly titled and model-guided Wii Yoga game coming out this fall, on top of the Yoga already offered in Wii Fit. Do we need more?

“Maybe what you’re looking for in a virtual personal trainer is someone who could put you in a one-armed neckbreaker slam, followed by a diving huracanrana?”

Oh. Ouch. Trish Stratus is a Canadian WWE diva and champ, and she says we do! It’s called Stratusphere and it’s slated to pile drive into stores sometime early 2010, though they’re still searching for a publisher. any takers? yogapreneurs?

Dare we even ask what this yoga game entails?

We wanted to present yoga as a real workout and not only as a method of relaxing. Combining Trish Stratus as a personal coach, coupled with her yoga experience, players will have to work through challenging routines to get results!  Isn’t that what working out is all about?” says Steve Couture, CEO of Frima, the game’s production house.

trish-stratus-yogaYikes. What? But wait, Stratus actually owns her own yoga studio in Toronto! She found the practice after a herniated disc injury (very much like our T&A yogi Diamond Dallas Page), which probably could have been avoided, with we don’t know, less body slamming? Perhaps there’s still hope this yoga game will retain some shred of yoga. Maybe we’ll learn the throat-slam-asana!

ps. we had a real tough time trying to find a decent photo of Trish…google image search is no help, no help at all.

Here’s Trish performing in WWE pleasantries…


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  • I missed my calling as a wrestling diva….

    looking at her studio’s website, I think they need some yin yoga up there…but I noticed there was no mention of who Trish did her yoga teacher training with….;)

  • It’s never too late, Linda. Go for it!

    Bob W.

  • “It’s never too late, Linda. Go for it!”

    My boobs aren’t up to the WWE’s boob standards.

  • admin

    you know linda something can be done about that… I hear medical procedures today can be quite uplifting 😉

  • no thanks. I rest in the supreme knowledge that because of their size, mine will always be perky, even in my old age! 😉

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