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UofH Students Get College Credit for Wii Yoga Class, Kegstand Practice

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university-houston-logoHey students, picking your classes for the semester can be tough cookies!  Mmm…cookies… speaking of, you know what’s not so tough? Packing on the freshman 15! Yeah and some of us know that basically translates into the 4-year undergrad overstuffed, where exercise is hardly a side dish. Been there.

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could get college credit for working out or maybe even yoga?

The University of Houston is wayy ahead of you. Introducing, PEB 4197 — the Wii Performance class! No kidding. The idea? Something is better than nothing. Explains Charles Layne, chairman of the Department of Health and Human Performance at the university:

“The goal here is that there are people who may be interested in physical activity, but maybe they’re not confident enough to join a regular yoga class … and what we’re hoping through the Wii is that this can serve as sort of a gateway class,” he says. “That if they have a positive experience, let’s say … with Wii yoga, then maybe next semester they’ll join the face-to-face class.”

We warned you about the Wii taking over! Has it gotten this bad? Students won’t even show face at a live yoga class but are willing to teeter on a scale-like apparatus and balance in front of 9 other real-life-class abashed students? (there are 10 stations set up) Well we suppose the hot model in the new Wii Yoga game is an attractive draw, that and the fact that you get one credit hour for every twice-weekly 20-30 min workout! Something better than nothing.

If only they gave college credit for practicing your keg stand! Though this seems like a pretty good warm up. Drunk yoga anyone?

ps. let’s all be reminded that we pay for college credits, so essentially mom and pop are paying the university to keep their kids out of couch potato land.


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  • I made fun of Wii yoga when I first heard about it from one of my college student yogis, however, this semester one gal told me she signed up for my class BECAUSE of Wii Yoga….because she loved it so much she wanted to experience a REAL yoga class. She not only comes to the class I teach in the local community college, but also comes to my house for private yoga! so thanks to Wii…..

  • I was all set to make a funny snide reply before I read Linda’s comment endorsing Wii and how it got people into her class.

    Still seems strange to get credit for a video game, but nice to know it does have some beneficial effect.

    Bob Weisenberg

  • playing devil’s advocate here, having Wii yoga in college is one less job for a yoga teacher. think about it.

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