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[Because It’s Wednesday!] Yoplait Stretches Imagination for Yoga Yogurt Ad (video)

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Yoplait goes for the obvious, creates humorous ad for new digestive health yogurt (extra probiotics and fiber). Because Yoga and Yogurt are just too close not to make a funny. (why the ad agencies make the big bucks folks)

You tell us, do pretzels and yogurt mix?

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  • They actually do go together, subliminally – when you wrote it like that, it makes me want a yogurt-covered pretzel! I’m wondering if they intended it that way

  • I haven’t seen the ad with sound yet. But what pose is this, and how do I attempt it?

  • That’s actually a very entertaining and effective ad (all worries aside about TV viewers actually trying that pose.)

    Yogadork, I can’t tell you how much better informed I feel since I started following your blog!

    Bob Weisenberg

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