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Mr. Big a Celebriyogi! Sex and the City’s Chris Noth Tries Yoga, Loves It

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Congratulations are in order! First, it’s just gone public that Mr. Big  is enagaged! Don’t get nervous, it’s Chris Noth and he’s betrothed to his real life mate Tara Lynn Wilson.

Cool. But the other more important congrats? Mr. Big’s joined team yoga! Since the Sex and the City sequel is fully underway, Mr. Noth, as he’s known in real people land, needed to tone up and drop some extra baggage, which he accomplished with the help of yoga and a healthy diet. So he told Us Weekly:

“I’m not a big yoga person, so that was hard. But it was basic Hatha yoga. I loved it,” says Noth.

Who wouldn’t love it at a place called “the Island Experience” in beautiful Brazil, which is where he went. Must be rough.

So what about the girls?

SJP is a devoted yogi who practices on a regular basis (and has the scary Madonna arms to prove it). Kristin Davis is a yogi – rumor has it she even opened her own yoga studio with a pal way back when it wasn’t even cool (the studio has since been defunct, but Kristin still practices).

We’re not sure about Cynthia Nixon, but some of you (frenzied SATC fans) may recall the controversy and $10 million lawsuit against TBS involving Kim Cattrall‘s  ‘Samantha’ and baseball legend Yogi Berra. For the curious, the ad provoked the definition of  “yogasm.” Possible definitions: (a) a type of yo-yo trick, (b) sex with Yogi Berra and (c) what Samantha has with a guy from yoga class. You can guess the answer!

Far as we know Yoga’s not in the movie… yet. The plot is still top secret.

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  • I absolutely LOVE Big! even way before SATC.

    can’t wait for SATC 2…love Samantha!

  • Sara

    Can’t wait for the movie!
    I even got a Carrie Name Necklace
    Name Necklaces

  • Another homerun, YogaDork. What would we do without you to keep us informed about all the really important things in life?

    Would you believe that Yogi Berra figures prominently in one of my pieces. See “My Daughter Doesn’t Understand Me”:


    Can I be sued for this? If suits like this are valid it would end all satire at least, and most comedy as well. I hope it gets thrown out of court at the first hearing.

    My wife Jane and I have watched the entire S&TC three or four times over on Netflix. We never get tired of it.

    Thanks for the blog.

    Bob Weisenberg
    Sorry, forgot to add great post! Can’t wait to see your next post!

  • admin

    Oh Linda.. me too love, meeee too. big Big fan here 🙂

  • heather

    Chris denies the engagement.

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