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The Black Crowes Chris Robinson to be Allison Bridges’ Yoga Baby Daddy

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Today’s Celebriyogi Gossip column is brought to you by the number “9”, and the letter “B” for the crazy amount of surya B’s it took to shimmy out the zippy energy jitters. And now the news…

Chris RobinsonBig congrats to Chris Robinson (of The Black Crowes) and girlfriend Allison Bridges on expecting their first child! (Robinson’s second – he has son Ryder, 5 1/2) Though we hear about the Ex, Kate Hudson‘s romantical gallivantings on what seems like a daily basis now that she’s playing the field with A-Rod, the shaggy rocker has more enlightened plans (most likely with his favorite mind-altering substance, but that’s another story).

Trivia time!

Does the name Allison Bridges ring a bell for any NY yogadorks? Turns out Ms. Bridges is a Jivamukti yoga teacher in NYC! And not surprisingly her bio states, “Her love of music overflows into her classes with her mixes which she carefully plans out before each class.”

We bet she talks to angels. allison-bridges-sigourney-weaverAt least that pic from her bio sure looks like it. Whoa momma! Gorgeous, but it does remind us just a teensy bit of Sigourney Weaver as Dana Barrett turned demonic “Gatemaster” Zuul in Ghostbusters. just sayin.

And for Mr. 70s? In 2007, Chris Robinson played at famed hippie and activist Wavy Gravy‘s birthday party in San Fran as ‘Chris Robinson’s Wooden Family,’ which was a benefit to support the Seva Foundation founded by Wavy and Ram Dass.

Sounds like a match made in hippie heaven.  That child is already too hard to handle, zenned out enough to hold. Peace.

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