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Amazing Race Season 15: Yoga Team FTW!

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UPDATE 9/28/09: UPSET! keep reading below…
eric_lisa_paskel-amazing-raceWe don’t watch “The Amazing Race” and could not care less about it, until now! The 12 teams have been announced for season 15 of the reality show (15!) and a pair of em are yogis!

Name: Eric Paskel
Hometown: Encino, Calif.
Age: 41
Occupation: Yoga studio owner and instructor

Name: Lisa Paskel
Hometown: Encino, Calif.
Age: 43
Occupation: Yoga studio owner and instructor

Relationship: Married yoga teachers

Eric and Lisa Paskel are a yoga couple in it to win it! And they may even have us DVRing yet another reality show this season that we probably won’t get to watch. The other contenders… lawyers, stock traders, poker players? oh they are so toast!

Hey isn’t Eric that Xflosion dude? Why yes, it is that Eric Paskel, the bandanna’d and muscle-tee’d Xflosion master. Lisa and Eric are also owners of the Yoga Shelter franchise in eric-paskel-xflosionMichigan (which is now owned by corporation uKarma).

We’re thinking it might get a bit cheesy, but we’ll root for the yogs. As Eric says, Super duper namaste.


UPDATE: *spoilers* Oh no! This season the contestants were tasked with a challenge before they even stepped foot off American soil for their adventure around the world. Which means one team was already eliminated…and it was Eric and Lisa! Drat! At least now we can clear out the DVR for more episodes of Mad Men.

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EarlieruKarma Corporation to Aquire Yoga Shelter, Stomp Competition on Path to Mass Market

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  • I wonder if they’ll argue as much as the other teams generally do in this show….

    Go Team Yoga! Woot!!!

  • As a world nomad for many years I love Amazing Race just to see if they visit some of the sites I’ve been to. Now I’ll definitely have to watch. Wonder if I’ll love this couple or hate them. Will they give yoga a good name or bad? Lots of people watching, lots of stress & time limits. Maybe they’ll do yoga while on flying from one destination to the next. Bring on the race!

  • Walter Clooning

    Hey … maybe they won’t even make it past the starting line.

  • By accident, I caught the first half of the first episode last night. (Hey, it played right after Andy Rooney, my Sunday evening highlight.) Anyway, it was a good amusement to see the line-up (go Globetrotters!), including this mature and eloquent duo (yeah, right).

    Read this excerpt from a post-elimination interview:

    Q. Gina, RealityWanted: What was your initial reaction when you found out that someone was going home before the race even got underway?

    A. Lisa: I felt like someone was really not going to be okay from that. As much as it did suck, Eric and I could handle it a lot better than other people there.
    A. Eric: It really sucked most for the producers because I think, at the end of the day, we would’ve been a team to watch and we would’ve been exciting to watch. It really robbed the other contestants out of hanging out with us.
    A. Lisa: We have a reality show that’s going to be marketed soon so America won’t be left without us.

    A reality show? Puh-leeze…

  • why does the word “yuck” come to mind?

  • Least these folks don’t have to worry about learning to love themselves…

  • So glad I missed this!

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