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100 Best Yoga and Meditation Blogs – We made the cut!

in YD News

tpir-winnerYippee! YD made it on the list of Top 100 Yoga Blogs! Thanks to nursing site LVN to RN who created the list. It’s a good one. As with any accolades, like the mention in Yoga Journal, ahem, we are honored and grateful to be amongst such prestigious company. Shout outs to Roseanne (at It’s All Yoga, Baby), Yoga Rants and Raves, Everything Yoga, The Accidental Yogist, Yoga Journal’s Buzz Blog who also made the list.

We think they may have missed a few (where’s YogaDawg? and Ms. Linda and her Yoga Journey? Drishti? Svasti ? ele? we could go on…) but we’re pleased as punch to have made the cut. So many great yogi blogs on the interwebs and we’re super psyched to be a part of the conversation.

By the way, YD made it into the “Best Yoga and Meditation Blogs by a Professional” category, which if you know us, is quite the compliment if ever we’ve heard one (and also kinda sounds like we are somewhat uncategorizable. is that a word? who cares!)

“These professionals range from studio owners to masters of the practice. Read their blogs to learn more about yoga, meditation, and more.” Rock on. We’re particularly pleased with the ‘and more’ part.

See the full list here. Who did they miss?

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  • Yeah, where’s Ms. Linda? Sure wouldn’t want to get on her D List side…:)

    Congrats YogaDork

  • Kind of you, but my blog isn’t strictly a yoga blog as such… more occaisionally yoga themed! Ah, there will always be lists and more names than can fit of said lists.

    But hey, if you wanna use your new-found-ever-increasing-blog-fame for the good, how about interviewing Ms Linda re: her upcoming Yoga in Africa adventure? 😉

  • Yay, congrats!! Just don’t go getting all “professional” on us, YD! Thanks for the props, also. I love being part of this dynamic interweb community of yoga bloggers. And I agree, many worthy bloggers were overlooked (and watch out, student nurses – you don’t want to be on Linda’s bad side 😉

  • I’ll always be on the D List….like Kathy Griffin….two Chicago homegirls who get no respect….;)

  • we’ve just launched meditation and yoga content (and still have a way to go) but would hope that’d we make a list like this in the future.

  • Congratulations, YogaDork! I feel like the kid sibling, dreaming of one day joining my awesome big brothers and sisters in the major league. (This means you, too, YogaDawg, Linda, roseanne, Svasti, and others whom I’m recently met.)

    Thanks also for the links and list, although they’re creating more homework for me and my month-long foray into the blogosphere.

    Y0ga Spy

  • “And you’re a top ten yoga tweeter, gosh darnit!”

    and I’m the Rodney Dangerfield of yoga bloggers….;)

  • Congratulations. Well deserved!

    Bob Weisenberg

  • They missed the newly launched YogaVibes.com – I guess the Twitter feed of yoga-related quotes is more active than our blog, but I could consider the new videos posted all of the time as good as any text-based blog :).

  • Among all Yoga blog few are good those having valuable information but few are useless that have the repeated info.

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  • Congratulations YogaDork I enjoy following your tweets too. Planet Yoga http://planetyoga.com is just growing their blog posts…but the ones that appear there I think you will think are good quality and growing. Someday I think Planet Yoga will be up there with you big guys.

  • Imagine . . . a Global Village Renaissance

    People from over 100 countries are gathering.

    We hope someday you’ll join us . . .

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  • I am new to meditation. I have been practicing Japa meditation for about a month now. I began meditating as a way to relax me before I go to sleep. I have insomnia. I really began to enjoy the experience and so I do 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes at night. Today I had a very unusual experience. About 15 minutes into the meditation I began to experience something through my body. The only way I can explain it is that my body was “vibrating” from the inside out. It was not a shaking or a shivering as when you are very cold. It was a physical sensation that I have not experienced in my life. I am 57 years old. I was not imagining it. It was a real physical sensation. It was as if my whole body was vibrating. I opened my eyes but I could not see my body moving. It began to concern me and it eventually stopped. Is this normal? Should I be concerned? Has anyone else had this experience? Can anyone tell me what this might be?

  • Great list! How wonderful to see so much activity and interest in meditation. If only we could convince the world at large to reap the benefits of meditation, what a different place the world would be!

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  • …. I wish *we* were on the list of 100 best yoga and meditation blogs… Then again, since our website is in dutch, I guess the audience is a bit smaller 😉 Anyway, congratulations!

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