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Lululemon Seeks Tweeny Boppers, Abandons Yoga Niche for Expanded Fitness Fashion

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ivivva_logoAhhhhhh. All you tween and tweenfolk parents can breathe a great sigh of relief. OR possibly you’d rather shriek in horror. Either way lulu is coming for your kids! Preteen girls to be specific.

“It’s a huge niche market that was missing,” [says CEO Christine] Day in an interview.

“We have the opportunity to do it right in a unique community way and want to be first to the market.”

The new brand Ivivva will be targeted at girls ages six to 12 and tested in Canadian markets (Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary) November of this year. Wait, we thought the lulus already ensnared young ladies in a tangled web of luon? Oh but now those poor darlings can finally have their very own sizes! And “appropriate athletic wear”, which is a nice touch considering 10-year-olds probably don’t need butt-enhancement and “tata taming” training bras (and inappropriate window displays ). Of course, sizes may be lowered, but we’re not going to bet the prices will be – mom and dad fire up your wallets! These kids will have to save allowance for a year before they can afford their own sweatband. And don’t think you can escape the greatness just because your child doesn’t do yoga. Nope the lulubirds are totally throwing down the gauntlet at the entire tween sports division, running the gamut of “extracurricular fashion” or so we’re dubbing it, for activities such as gymnastics, dance, figure skating, field hockey, track and field and soccer. Mediocrity no more.

As you may recall (granted due in large part to the stifled economy) earnings have not been so chipper and the lulu online greatness was launched ahead of the goalsetters’ schedule. With wilted earnings expected in the second quarter announcement this week, an expanded preteen offering may be just what the saggy bottoms need.

Curious about the name? Unlike the “L L L” alteration reasoning for lulu, the new brand’s title apparently has no specific meaning at all. Just something they whipped out of their groove pants in a brainstorming session. Cause that’s how they roll. Plus L’s are fun but V’s are like so way cooler these days. The new site is very uhh… V -like.

To all the Oqoqo fans out there we regret to inform you it is no more. Ivivva the destroyer has come to collect.

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  • God knows that tween girls need more expensive swag targeted directly at them.

  • Tweens (and teenier-tinier tots) already have designer brands geared toward them. So, no big…

    But no more natural-fiber OQOQO?! Just when I’m realizing that all that nylon will never biodegrade and was planning to diversify my pant population…

    Save OQOQO!

    Yoga Spy

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