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George Clooney Ex-Gal Sarah Larson Swaps Waitressing for Teaching Yoga

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Welcome back from the lonng weekend! Here’s some celebriyogi goop to start your short week off right.
sarah-larson-george-clooney-yogaOh you remember Sarah Larson right? The lucky Vegas waitress who dapper moviestar George Clooney swept off her feet and then dumped just as swiftly. sniff. Anyway, who cares about all that, she’s so over him and has found solace…in her daily yoga practice! And that waitress thing? Old news.

“I do yoga pretty much every day. I am a certified yoga instructor, so I actually teach yoga,” says Larson to Fox news.

…”all of a sudden” guys have started calling out of nowhere for private classes, and she’s now in talks to design her own yoga-inspired clothing line.

Go on girl, we know all about the doldrums of dumpedville. Besides, yoga’s as good as any handsome sexiest man alive… pshht.

Hmm…a yoga-inspired clothing line for the lovelorn/woman scorned…maybe she can team up with Ashley Dupre?


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  • OMG, hell has no greater fury than a woman scorned.
    Gotten and dumped and now struggling to win back publicity and
    dignity by dabbling into yoga?
    What is yoga lol ??
    What happened to all her modelling contracts?? Got dumped for those too??
    Heard that she was denied entrance to a lot of venues and gifting suites and lost herself by grinding 6 guys in one go on the dance floor.

  • What I heard was that Sarah Larson was conniving and made use of George Clooney to win fame and name for herself as well as modelling contracts and used his money to buy a lot of luxuries for herself and got proud and started to make demands and abuse George’s staff as well as his contacts.
    Well that George is not a stupid guy and just dumped her abruptly and never got in touchwith her as a friend at all, unlike his other gal pals with whom he still remained as friends.
    So Sarah Larson, this goes to show that something really happened that George had to end it all.

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