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[Because It’s Friday!] Cat-ertainment for a Long Weekend

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Ha! It’s Friday, we made it! What’s a long weekend kickoff without a silly video? Or two. Enjoy some catertainment and have a great long weekend! You deserve it. (and don’t forget to pick up a ‘bailout’ tshirt before they’re all gone)

Meet Thirteen, the most tolerant and patient kitty we’ve ever seen. Talk about non-attachment. It’s kind of  a live action version of “Yogah Chitta-Vritti-Nirodahah” in animated cat form (little guy Norman).

Further enjoyment…this video is just super cute, and super weird.

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  • Thirteen is the King Zen Master of kittehs. The second video is hilarious! Growing up, we had cats that habitually drank from the bathroom tap, but never stuck their heads right under like that! Maybe he’s one of those water loving breeds?

    Guess this kitteh hasn’t learned about saving water just yet though?

  • Zen master indeed! Is Thirteen male? Based on years of unscientific observation, it seems that the male feline is more tolerant of annoyances like feet poking bellies and pesky little kittens.

    Never seen anything like Woody either. Are there really water-philic cats? What about cats who love the vacuum cleaner?

    Unabashed kitty fan,
    Yoga Spy

  • @YogaSpy – quite a few cat breeds apparently. Egyptian Maus, Maine Coons, Turkish Vans… I’m sure there’s more.

    Check out this video of a cat being vacuumed (she is deaf). So cute! My cat hates the vacuum, hides from it.

  • That vacuum-lovin’ kitty is my hero. Considering the way vacuum cleaners swallow up wayward cords and any free object, I’m surprised it’s not pulling on her loose, grabbable kitty coat!

    Breathe, keep calm, and enjoy!


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