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Peter Facinelli: Twilight Hunk, Serial Yoga Twitterer!

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Is it hot in here?
peter_facinelliAt the time of publish Peter Facinelli has 878,257 followers on Twitter. Not bad! For a yogi. The studly gentleman, now most famously known for his cool Dr. Carlisle Cullen in Twilight, and Mr. Jennie Garth, is a dedicated practitioner of the yog! (we remember him as the heartthrob jock from Can’t Hardly Wait, but that makes us like way totally old)

How big of a celebriyog is Peter? Enough to be a serial yoga twitterer!

Turns out daddy vamp @PeterFacinelli got his icy bloodsucking behind to HOT yoga just the other day and lived to tweet the tale…


and again the next day!

In the time it took for us to post those last two tweets another appeared! And he’s recruiting Kellan Lutz (Emmett Cullen in Twilight)!


Oh goodness, could he be…a #yogadork?? Oh yes, we think so.

Indeed, way back in 2002, pre-Twitter era (can you even imagine such a time?) Mr. F went on record as a dedicated yogi. While riding the publicity train for short-lived TV show ‘Fastlane’, he explained to People mag his ‘workout’ regime:

“all I do is yoga. For me it’s an inner message as much as it keeps me in shape.”

Huzzah! Why what a lovely celebriyogidorkvampire eh? It only goes to show…yoga does a body good. Oh and vampires love it!

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  • That’s all well and good,
    but he’s nothing until he’s joined #yogadork.


  • hey, my “why I’m yogadork” tweet never showed up on your wall.

  • You know, I do reckon he is a #yogadork. And perhaps someone should send him an @ message to ask him to join the tribe? 😉

  • don’t even know what Twilight is and I’m totally cool with that….

  • delta

    hot guy…hot yoga…hot dog!

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