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Beverage Titans Duke It Out Over Coconut Water, Coca-Cola Buys Stake in Zico

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Lookout world! It’s raining…coconut water!

coconut-pepsi-cocacolaWhile multiple coco water brands rumble for position as top nut, major bev companies are sinking their teeth into the ripe ‘healthy’ drink market hoping to reap the benefits of sweet profit! (too much?). Dramatics aside, as if we didn’t make the more-coconuts-in-your-face warning clear enough last week, this news of Coco-Cola taking a bite out of ZICO ought to be a pretty big hint.

Zico announced yesterday that they raised a hefty $15 million (!) from investors, with Coca-Cola snagging a 20% stake!

“Building on our established momentum and powered by this new investment, we plan to introduce the Zico brand and its natural health benefits to a much larger mainstream audience, which has always been our mission.” said Mark Rampolla, Zico’s founder and chief executive officer.

The rest of the bidders? “Jesse Itzler, principal of Suite 850 and co-founder of Marquis Jet, a number of A-list celebrities, successful beverage entrepreneurs, and independent beverage distributors.”  A-list celebrities..? Other successful bev entrepreneurs? Does Bikram fit in there somewhere?

Before you break a sweat maybe we should all consider this as a good sign; are people really trying to be healthier, choosing the nutritious C over the Sunny D? Is the Yoga boom to blame/credit for this sudden surge in major level packaged hydration? Do we cheer on the little guy getting big play? PepsiCo went for the ready-made company in Brazil, while Coke stepped up stateside. What’s next..Coconut flavored soda? Snapple Coconut Delight? We’re taking bets…offer your guesses/wishes in the comments.

Fun fact: Zico was founded a measly 5ish years ago in 2004.

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  • Yeah, I view this like the Yoga boom itself. The fact that it’s becoming so mainstream is upsetting to some people, but I think it a sign of development in overall health thinking, like you wrote above.

    Bob Weisenberg

  • I’m a purist. When thirsty, nothing can replace plain, simple H2O. So I’ll leave the coconut-water trend for others to debate (and the coco water for others to chug).

    I do have a coconut piece of trivia, however: You can mail a whole, unhusked coconut by US Post. Paint pictures on it and then slap on a mailing label. It goes through the mail like any other parcel. So, next time you’re in Hawaii, surprise your friends (or foes) with something beyond a same-old postcard of Waikiki…

  • Yoga Spy, who would have thought you could just mail a coconut! I find that very amusing.

    You’re not putting us on, are you? It’s on the verge of sounding like something out of YogaDawg.

    Bob Weisenberg

  • I tried to post a photo of a coconut (colorfully decorated like a kiddie art project) sent to a friend by US Post. But comments don’t allow .jpg files so I’ll send it by email.

    Strange but true…

    Yoga Spy

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