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September is Yoga Month! Did you know? It’s about Awareness

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nationalyogamonth_2009Happy Sept 1! You know what that means? Back to school, end of summer, yadda blah… aw, boo. You know what else? Yoga Month! And for the first time it’s official, as designated by the Department of Health & Human Services. And apparently it’s going global.

Who and the What: “National Yoga Month is designed and produced by Yoga Health Foundation, a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization registered in the State of California. Yoga Month is a national awareness campaign to educate the population about the health benefits of yoga and to inspire both youths and adults to take responsibility for their wellbeing by focusing on prevention and healthy lifestyle choices.”

And the purpose?

WHY: “To improve the overall health of our nation through the practice of yoga and health-inspiring lifestyle changes and to bring the yoga community together and be a platform of unity.”

Sounds pretty good to us! There are events happening locally and on a larger scale throughout the month – like the Global Mala For Peace Project (www.globalmala.org) and a Yoga Aid national fundraiser (www.yogaaid.com). If you want to know more about all the goings-on head to yogamonth.org.

Nothing in your area? Get your rear in gear and organize! You have 29 whole days left! NY can be pretty stingy in this dept too so we know how you feel. Yoga Month is not a top-billed scene here if you know what we mean. However, so you can’t say we didn’t tell you, studios and teachers can get involved. Because as great as it is for the public, it’s an opportunity to raise your business awareness as well.

Also, in celebration of yoga’s benefits there’s some special deal that gets newbie students one week of free yoga with a yoga month card…that’s one week though, not a month, it’s confusing we know. Still, not bad.

Let us know if you hear of cool Yoga Month related events near you! Maybe to do your part you just want to wear your “Yoga is My Bailout” tshirt 30 days straight. We all celebrate in different ways.

Yoga Month 2009

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  • Thanks for the overview.

    I had heard of this, but it wasn’t really clear what it was all about or where it came from until I read this.


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