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Hova Does Yoga: Jay-Z Tunes out the Haters on New Album

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jay-zHey Jay-Z‘s new album leaked! Don’t care? How bout when we tell you he gives yoga a shout out? Uh huh. And celebriyogi Russell Simmons. In his song entitled “Hate (ft Kanye West)” the Jiggaman sings about haters always raggin’ on him, further explaining why he’s no poser, and then why he IS! ..er.. just listen to it.  If you’re super anxious skip to about the 0:48 mark. It’s one of those cheesywhiz slideshow videos, sorry. Does Jay-Z brush his shoulders off…with yoga?

Update–sorry, video got taken down. booo

poser? no sir

my hustle so russell

I stretch work


you know I got it down dog

Blueprint 3 comes out Sept. 11, 2009.

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