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[Because It’s Monday!] Jason Mraz Does ‘Yoga-to-Go’, Fills Gap Left by ‘Sickest Buddhist’

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Um. hm.

Sappy songwriter Jason Mraz does his best impression of a stereotypical zenned out hippie turned hip hop yogi in this Episode 2 of an oddball series of promo videos from his “Gratitude Cafe Tour”. Yes, a series. Who knew JM was such a show off, budding comedian, touring musician with so much time on his hands? (the other videos play on his feigned kindness to his loyal assistant, vegetarianism, nude inspiration, etc.) This is what we’re stuck with when Ogden’s inappropriateness makes everyone mad and Arj Barker so cruelly removes “Sickest Buddhist” from the internets, thus leaving a gaping hole in the yoga-related music video parody dept.

Sadly, eh, we didn’t find this one to be nearly as funny as those other two, but hey it’s Monday, we need a good laugh! And will settle for a small snicker. Also, we’re pretty sure he’s just making fun of yoga for the sake of making fun, which is kind of annoying.

does it have anything to do with the Cafe Gratitude in SF? not that we can tell…though it seems like he’s mocking them too. UPDATE: though we couldn’t find any official press linking the two, VegetarianStar.com says the tour was indeed named after the actual raw foodie Cafe Gratitude. Anyone care to confirm? Also, Mr. Mraz is on record as eating vegan. Unfortunately all of this makes little improvement in the ha-ha dept.

Happy Monday!

further update: For the trivia fans, Cafe Gratitude is known for being linked to The Landmark Forum.

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  • Oh god, small snicker indeed…

  • allison

    dude’s actually really big on yoga & veganism and his entire tour was inspired by Café Gratitude. so…no, I don’t think he’s mocking any of those things.

  • Aja

    He says yoga the same way I do…..yooo-gaaaa.

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