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Happy YogiTwit Day! Meet @YogiSTING, Celeb #yogadork

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It’s YogiTwitter Friday! (obviously) and what better way to celebrate than with a fancy celeb appearance? But not just any celeb, a Celebriyogi, Sting! He just joined Twitter! And is maybe even a #yogadork.

So let’s all raise our virtual yogi(ni) martinis in celebration of Friday (woowoo) and to welcome everybody’s favorite tantric “desert rose” – @YogiSTING –  to YogiTwitland!

Enjoy the video below, it was @YogiSTING’s very first tweet. Aw. Careful now, it’s a bit steamy… #skimpyyogashorts !

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  • Sure looks #yogadorky to me. Let’s all send him mass tweets until he relents and confesses.

  • I think Sting’s got him some #yogigroupies! (or is that #twogigroupies… y’know, twitter-yogi-groupies. Goodness, I truly am a #yogadork) .

    YD – you’re his #10 follower, followed closely behind by yours truly (I didn’t make the top 10?!) But who’s counting. ;p

    …I wonder what @yogisting thinks about our other trending topic, #nakedyoga. Hmm…

  • ha @ @reweis and @skippetty #yogadork and #nakedyoga perfect here. had same thoughts. welcome @yogisting the twitterverse is ripe for this stuff. bring it on!

  • Sarah (@sarahkohl)

    Proof that #yogadorks are the coolest dorks on the block!

    Btw, woke this am to see him following me back. Soulgasm at 6am on a Saturday. Take that, nay-sayers!!

  • Oh man all the @ and # in the last couple of posts is already giving me a headache. Damn twitter!!

  • Too late, YogaDawg,
    the dawg’s out of the bag.

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