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Death Pose Anyone? Yoga in a Cemetery (watch for zombies)

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here-lies-yogi-tombstoneThis is super creeptastic. Yoga in a cemetery? Like where they bury the dead and film lots of scary scenes in horror movies?

Yes indeed, Antebellum Gallery is presenting Yoga Forever, a yoga class held at Hollywood Forever (the real name of a cemetery), on the lawn in front of the mausoleum every Tuesday at 7 PM.

Sure, we can admit there may be something beautiful about bringing so much lively spirit to the sacred ground of the deceased. But you won’t catch these dorks there! The last time we were at a cemetery was years ago and we distinctly remember making sure we didn’t tread directly over the graves, carefully tip-toeing in between each headstone. And now you want us to downdog and sink our palms into the earth? And then finish with corpse pose, over a corpse? yeah right!

hollywoodforever-300x225OK, well from what we can tell this isn’t any old cemetary, but a beautiful and well-groomed piece of land. And the yogis won’t actually be saluting over the graves, but on a separate stretch of grass, where they also show movies, apparently.

Still, let’s not raise the spirits too high ok folks? You do remember what happened last time dont you?… zombie yoga!

If you’re the ok-with-mortality type we encourage you to check it out…CBS did, and put up a video from last night’s session, that featured a DJ! (video here)

Deets: Hollywood Forever Cemetery, 6000 Santa Monica Blvd. Los Angeles CA 90038. Yoga class is $20, includes parking.

More info contact organizer Rock Castro at info-antebellum@earthlink.net

[LA Metblogs]

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  • Trying to attract a different target audience perhaps? Hmmm, can’t say I’d be into it but then, I guess there’s people who’d get a kick out of it!

  • i actually attended that first “yoga in a cemetery” class at the hollywood forever cemetery. while it initially sounds creepy — especially since we started our practice right around sunset — it really wasn’t. we were located in a big grassy area far from the tombstones, right along the wall which serves as a “projection screen” for the evening movie series held there every summer (of course, one may not realize that the wall is actually the side of a building containing a whole bunch of crypts!). our class was taught by daniel overberger of runyon canyon yoga fame, and honestly, it was just like we were having our usual practice with him in the park. there were no werewolves, no zombies — just us and the stars and the evening breeze. and a bunch of bodies laying in corpse pose when it was all over 🙂

  • When I lived in Japan one of the most serene places and also very parklike was the local cemetery. Yes, it sounds weird but also very serene and peaceful. I’m sure the kids yoga classes I teach will eat this up!

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