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[Because It’s Tuesday!] Internet Kitty Symphony (video)

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Oh boy, is it Tuesday already? We saw the amazing Nora and her CATcerto. Here’s the kitty symphony! Well, a remix of sorts. It’s a little creepy and a little spaztastic, but also adorable if you can handle multiple internet cats all at once. Enjoy your 2-minute break of cuteness. Then back to work you!

[via Rathergood]

Starring Burnsy (sarakling76)
Psycho Singing Cat (derya1907)
Maru (mugumogu)
Mylo, the original autotune cat (hiddentracktv2)
And all the other kittens of the internet who, despite our best endeavours, we haven’t been able to identify.

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  • I’ll have to admit, that’s pretty cute. I enjoyed it in spite of myself.

    Hope it doesn’t create a Yoga blog trend however!


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