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[Because It’s Friday!] Winkers! Plus Ben Stiller Patiently Explains Twitter to 88-yr-old Mickey Rooney

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Hey hey we made it to Friday! Congratulations to you for another fine week.

Hope you kept your pants on! It’s so swampy in NYC this week your soggy knickers are probably glued right in place. ick. Well if you have these pants maybe you’d never take them off anyway! Have a look, you will be mesmerized. We’re waiting for the yoga version of “winkers”… who couldn’t use some flirty butt cheeks in downdog. ack!

Also, bonus doubleheader video today. We know a few of you can relate to this! Ben Stiller earnestly explains Twitter to almost 89-yr-old (Sept 23) Mickey Rooney.
Wise words from Mickey, “there’s always more to learn.”

Enjoy your day!

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  • love that video with Mickey and Ben Stiller — wise words from Mickey about walking away from someone who says they know everything — uh, like some “yoga masters”…..

    I’m with Ben Stiller — although I have a twitter account, not into it, don’t get it. like, dude, no one cares if you’re eating a sandwich, OK?

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