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Celebriyogis: Drew Barrymore’s Psychedelic Yoga Trip

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Drew Barrymore

“Oh no did I forget my Kool-Aid back at the co-op?”

It’s Drew Barrymore! (and yogi pal) The funky fashioned sprite emerged looking rather psychedelicly yogafied after a class in NYC yesterday. If we had to guess by the looks of the backdrop it must’ve been somewhere in the East Village.

And this may be wildly presumptuous but we’re pretty sure the studio wasn’t exclusive tycoony style.

blue-tie-dye-leggings-american-apparelUPDATE: in the interest of those keeping score at home, Ms. Barrymore is indeed wearing American Apparel tie dye leggings as the in-house YD fashion detective has sleuthed. (note: as for the rest of the getup: here’s the $50 Allen Allen top, and the $225 Candela shoes are on sale, ha. those glasses couldn’t be placed but they’re either vintage or designery).

[Gossip Girls]

photo: INFphoto.com

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  • Something reassuring about her hanging out with a Yoga Geek…I kind of recognized those flip-flops, white shorts, backpack and pink yoga mat…:)

  • Oh Drew, I’m going to pretend I didn’t see you in those tie-dyed yoga pants…

  • Lay off Drew. No American Apparel, lululemon, Be Present, or Prana for her. Gotta paddle your own canoe*!

    *Acknowledgment to VS Naipaul’s A House For Mr Biswas.

  • admin

    heyy found out Drew is actually an American Apparel fan after all.

  • OMG! I’m firing my fact checker immediately. Can’t find good help these days. (Impressive research, Yoga Dork!)

    Truth be told, my closet is known to harbor a number of American Apparel, lululemon, Be Present, and Prana species…

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