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ARRrrr…Sailors Get Their Sea Legs With Yoga

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sailingyogis_08-13-09“Heathens to the back, yogis to the front!”

dems captain’s orders!

This is funny.. because we were just talking about pirates, and plank, and rum and vampires. oh nevermind…

What a fabulous picture, no?

Who’s the captain of this yoga ship?! Sure we’ve heard of yoga cruises, but yoga sailors? Talk about getting your sea legs. If you’ve ever had the urge to hoist the main sail and explore boat pose at the same time, your nautical dreams have come true!

A crew of Nova Scotian seafarers have taken to breathing in the salty air with a real purpose: yoga! Cruising the open waves can bring peace and serenity, but it can also cause sailors aches and pains! Not to mention stress. Which is the very reason why onboard yoga was birthed on the high seas.

The ship’s yoga captain Sandy explains how it’s done:

“I’ve been doing yoga off and on for 40 years, so I knew some of the moves, so I would lead,” he explains. “The balancing poses are particularly challenging on a rolling deck,” he admits, “but it keeps me limber and loose and ready for duty.”

Even skipper, George Mainguy, has joined with yoga to help the crew yank the ropes.

“When we’re heaving on the halyards, we use our knees and our body weight and we breath at the same time. We’re incorporating it into our sailing routine,” says Cap’n Sandy.

Captain Morgan on The Best Damn Sports ShowSo what kind of asana can you do on a boat anyway? Well we all know captain’s pose.. oh we kid! hmm what else? must be lots of ARrrdha chandrasana, salty downdog? awkward ‘rocking’ chair pose?

Seriously, the puns are as vast as the…

Really it just begs the question: Would the minnow have gotten lost if Gilligan and the crew* knew some conscious breathing exercises?

*disclaimer: if you get a particular theme song lodged in your noggin it’s not our fault 😉

[The Chronicle Herald]

photo by Jon Tattrie

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  • I just play Mafia Wars. I’m not really into the other ones. (Though I couldn’t *not* try playing “Cthulu: Rise of the Old Ones” – it’s ok.)

  • Oh man, pirate yoga! Now all we need is zombie yoga and my life will be complete! Well, okay, perhaps *naked* zombie yoga would be the pinnacle?? 😉

  • The crew (of two) was already “mighty,” ” brave,” ” sure,” and “fearless.” I do sun salutes but I can’t guarantee these admirable traits!

    (Mr Iyengar would have a fit, seeing the form of those Nova Scotian seamen.)

  • glad you liked the article! it was a hellvan experience – you can read the original piece at http://www.jontattrie.ca/Sailingyogis.htm

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