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[Because It’s Monday!] Heartbroken Christian Girl Tries to Convert, ‘Save’ Her Hindu Friend

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Happy Monday! Since the news has been winding down the treacherous road of offending various religions and belief systems, here’s another confounding turn at the wheel.

It’s hard for us to believe this is real…Is it ignorance? Is it satire?

One can surmise from the edits and especially the end bit that this was staged…but what do you think?

By the way, if you make it through this whole video we have nothing but awe and respect for your patience and will write in to whatever bureau necessary to submit your name for sainthood. Also, sorry.

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  • like, I made it to 3 minutes, like, but like, I got so upset, like, whatever, that I like just couldn’t watch the rest of it.


    like, is this for real, like?

  • I only hope its staged (I made it to 5:50 BTW).

    Please, please, someone tell me it is! I mean, I’m there’s no need to convince me there are people as racist and stupid as this in the world. But to be that guileless and willing to post drivel like that on You Tube…. stinks of someone attempting to create controversy. Or total narcissism.

    If you’ll excuse me, I think I need to go and get a brain enema. Or just have a little puke. Or something.

  • I’d say the “one regular one, one Indian one” makes it clear it’s a parody pretty early…as does the Asia/Africa/dark skin discussion soon after…. Nonetheless, unfortunately, this isn’t far from the thinking of a huge portion of the American population.

  • frankly, I can’t believe the Indian girl would go along with that crap. I seriously doubt it.

    I wonder if those two American girls have half a brain between them — because there are PLENTY of Christian Indians. St. Thomas is buried in Chennai; he brought Christianity to India.

    after watching 3 minutes of that crap, it is no wonder that America is the laughing stock of the world and people think Americans are nothing but F’ing morons.

  • uhhhhhh. What a nightmare. It brings back flashbacks of my middle school years.

  • I was thinking that from what I know about Indian families — my friends in India and here — the Indian girl’s parents would be absolutely horrified if they knew she participated willingly in that nonsense. horrified and mortified!

  • Sejal

    This has to be staged!! i went through only 2 minutes of it!!
    So India is an African country in Asia.. Interesting Geography lesson here!

  • Religious bullies. Nothing new here…

  • ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Pretty much the BEST video ever!!!!

  • gj

    That poor girl is obviously upset with the ignorance of the two girls trying to ‘convert’ her. Whether their intentions are good or not, or this video is a another fake, people got to stop forcing their religion on others. There is a way to talk about such things without being so condescending and damning. I seriously doubt God or Jesus are the assholes that Christians make them out to be sending people to hell for eternal punishment.

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