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Wii Yoga Website Launch, Virtual Authenticity At Om

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anja-rubik-wii-yoga-trikonasanaWe’ve been keeping a steady eye on Nintendo’s latest efforts to keep us cooped up in our homes with nary a reason to see the daylight ever again! Exaggeration? Have you seen the new Wii Yoga they’ve got primed for launch in October? Last month we reported on the fair maiden who will guide us all to zen through the magic of video games, anja-rubik-couture-demure-yogaMs. international supermodel Anja Rubik. Now there’s a freshly minted website covering the basics of the new “game” and a display of Ms. Rubik post-transformation from haute couture to yoga demure (photo dramatization courtesy of YD). There’s really not much new information on the site besides charming Anja pics and screenshots from the setting of “authentic far-eastern locations and buildings”. Yep, they went all out with this one.

Gotta tell ya, we’re kinda relieved they didn’t have Anja dolled up in hanky panky spandex and tata-tamers. Still we’re not sure why they needed Twiggy to portray the “motivator” and personal trainer. But so it goes!

Will Wii Yoga top this year’s holiday gift lists? Can technology like this help or hurt the current perception or participation in yoga?

For the unfamilair and non-Wii-ers here are the features:


Can’t say we’re not curious…




The Wii Yoga website: Yoga-Game.com

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  • well, yoga is the best way to tone your body, to give energy to your body. to ge rid of all pressure. and most important its rick free and totally safe.

  • According to her bio, this “major league model” is an “ambitious yoga fan.” Uh, they need a new copywriter (if they’re not going to find a real yogi prototype).

    After my experience with the existing Wii Fit yoga component (see my blog), my expectations are miniscule. Already relegated to “exercise,” yoga is now the domain of 23-year-old supermodels (in the Wii Fit world). Who is the target market anyway? Experienced folks will only mock, Middle America housewives will feel inadequate…

    That said, the other Wii Fit games are clever and fun (and really do challenge your coordination!). Keep things pure. Play Wii Fit on the Balance Board. Do yoga on your mat.

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