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[Because It’s Friday!] The Laptop in the Butt Catcher, Cheeky Asana

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This is totally fake, and totally an ad-agency created “viral video” but hey…it might loosen up all the tightwads out there.

Because we need a little spandex humor this week, and because in these dog days of summer what else is there to do but catch laptops in your butt? Happy Friday!

bonus: can you guys pick out the (sorta) yoga pose he does there?

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  • I guess if that was a brick instead of a laptop, that name of that style of yoga would be Brickram…:)

  • you mean he’s not really doing that?!?

  • Which [sorta] yoga pose does he do… Hmm, might have seen downward dog… or maybe tadasana for the warm-up catch… But my best guess and final answer is… eka pada koundiyanasana II. Do I win a prize?

    By the way, we all could do this with the MacBook Air.

  • gbSk

    i can never resist posting this when it is even remotely pertinent:

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