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Yoga Bear ‘Karma Party’ Benefit in NYC! Give Back What You Can (use the Dork discount til Sunday!)

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karma-party-small1Hey you fabulous New Yorkers, we know you’ve been itching for a chance to give back. And these days we know some of you may be scratching the bottom of your wallets, right? SO we are quite happy to present a chance to contribute without breaking the bank, and also have a ball at the same time! (we don’t guarantee but for the gamblers out there the odds are in your favor).

YogaDork cordially invites you to the one and only Yoga Bear Karma Party! It’s an event to benefit the remarkable work of non-profit org, Yoga Bear, and their efforts to improve the lives of those touched with cancer through the healing benefits of yoga. The cost of a ticket is $20, but if you find that to be over budget, the gracious folks of Yoga Bear have offered a 25% discount for all YogaDork readers. So you only pay $15! That’s less than most yoga classes these days!

citrine1Plus! For 15 bucks you’ll not only get karma points, but also a chance to freely loiter in one of the poshest new lounges in NYC, imbibe free drinks, and enter in a chance to win goodies like spa passes and the like in the silent auction (which starts at 9 just so you know). And you may even spot a yogadork or two in the crowd.

TICKETS: Go to karmaparty.org and scroll down. For discount just click on ‘Enter Discount Code’ and add the code ‘YogaDork‘ (case sensitive!). But do it now! The code expires this Sunday, August 16 3pm. All other tickets are on sale until Weds, Aug. 19, the day of.

All profits go to Yoga Bear.

More info at karmaparty.org

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