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Yoga Activism: New Missions in Great Work for Good Cause, Yoga for Everybody

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picket-sign-yoga-for-everybodyWe’re going to preface this by saying HEY READ THIS! The Washington Post‘s story on ‘Yoga Accessibility‘ is probably one of the most important articles we’ve seen about yoga in a while. And we recommend that you clip and save, or interweby bookmark this one for future reference as well as pass around to your pals.

Why? For 1. it covers the scope of exercise in general as good for stress relief, yoga as a great exercise in stress relief, and thus yoga as good; 2. It highlights the honorable efforts of yogis across the board working to make yoga accessible to all populations and the benefits therein; 3. It really does solidify the yoga is for everybody argument! And finally, 4. It’s in the Washington Post! So citizens other than yogsters could be reading it. (really, at least 3 non-yogs alerted us to the article)

So, seriously, if you haven’t read it get your tuckus over to Wash Po and exercise your eyeballs.

We mention the growth in Yoga Pop world and how it’s dripping with mainstream culturisms and talent agencies (shutting down websites, etc), but really the proliferation of yoga in news media and massy culture goes hand in hand with, or is even part of the catalyst to, yoga acceptance and growth in less glamorous settings. Take for example, the Donna Karan Urban Zen project in NYC’s Beth Israel Hospital cancer wing.

Now you can find volunteers and hardworking yogs like Sprout Yoga, assisting those with eating disorders or trauma, yogaHOPE, an org focused on helping battered women and addictions, or Street Yoga, using yoga to help homeless kids. And of course there is the venerable Yoga Bear endeavoring to make a difference for those touched by cancer.

The list is growing every day…there are almost too many to name. And that’s why we’re incredibly thankful for a site like ARedLotus.org that provides us with listings of trainings and classes for these special and specific needs.

yoga-activist-logoAnd keep an eye out for new site YogaActivist.org which aims to undertake the huge mission of coordinating national yoga outreach programs.

And why yoga?

“Yoga is exercise, and it’s pretty well established that exercise improves the mood and can reduce stress,” said Steven Novella, a Yale University neurologist.

“Empowering people to meet their own needs is one of the biggest things we can do,” [Mark] Lilly said. “Yoga is just the context.” [Mark Lilly, founder of Street Yoga]

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  • thank you for this! i am a newbie at websites, but an oldie at yoga.. believe it, practise it, love it…. teach it!!
    yoga dork is inspiring..!

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