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Bappi Lahiri Records Michael Jackson Tribute, Bikram Choudhury Twiddles the Knobs

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bappi-lahiri-rajashree-choudhury-mjHey do you know Bappi Lahiri? He’s a bling-studded juggernaut of the Bollywood film scene and is quite lovingly revered as the man responsible for injecting Hindi cinema with infectious disco music infusion! Did you know he was a huge fan of Michael Jackson and that the ‘King of Pop’ was a legend in India? Us either! So it was fairly surprising to hear that Mr. Lahiri, or Bappi da, has penned and recorded what he’s dubbing the first Indian tribute to the late MJ, a song called “Don’t Say Goodbye” that, apparently, will make you cry.

“I am the first music composer in Bollywood to record a song for Michael. It is a very emotional tribute. I am sure that if you love Michael Jackson, you will cry after hearing it. They are very powerful and melodious,” says Lahiri.

Well there ya go! What’s a tribute song if it doesn’t make you cry? The song is said to feature the titular message “Don’t say goodbye” sung in English and then repeated in Hindi, “Kabhi Alvida Nahin Kehna.” Oh and guess what, there’s a video on the way!

But perhaps the most oddball part of it is Rajashree Choudhury (Mrs. Bikram!) contributed the prelude and closing remarks on the song “addressed directly to the King, assuring him he will never be forgotten.” Wha? Who knew the Bikrams loved MJ? So we know you’re never gonna guess who the producers are…why Lahiri of course, along with some dude named Dr Chandra Khetani and none other than the Don Bikram Choudhury! It’s true. Not only is the b-man the golden sweatmaster, he’s also the Don of golden ears? (let’s hope so for Lahiri’s sake). Wonder how much bling and coconut water they had stocked in that studio.

Unfortunately we haven’t gotten hold of the song nor the moving image accompaniment yet, though it is safe to say we are on the edge of our awkward chairs eager to catch a listen. Word is our senses are to be delighted August 15th when they release the tearjerker to the world. (reportedly, a whole album of Lahiri-remixed MJ is to follow)

Bappi nutshell news:

  • sues Dr. Dre in 2002 for unauthorized sampling and “cultural imperialism”  for the song “Addictive
  • MIA reworked Bappi’s “Jimmy Jimmy Aja” for her version of “Jimmy

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  • Cool MIA video…think I’ll probably skip the Bappi/Bikram/MJ thing…

  • leave it to Bikram to capitalize on ANYTHING possible to make money. ick.

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    haha ms. darla so glad you commented on this. was wondering what you’d think!

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