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Recession No Threat to Pure Yoga Expansion, New Teacher Training Program

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pure-yoga-logoIn what seems to be the most difficult time for a studio to introduce teacher training, what with the sunken economy and all that licensing beeswax, Pure Yoga turns up its luxurious schnoz at all that and is sallying forth with a brand shiny new teacher training program! Excited? We imagine those of you outside NY couldn’t give a flying farkle. That is until they open a location in your town.

With an ever-expanding agenda, Pure (in tandem with Equinox) is on a mission of mammoth proportions. Already huge in Asia, Pure Yoga has a second NYC location opening at the end of this year on the Upper West Side (Amsterdam and 76th) and SoHo plans in the works, not to mention sights set on conquering other major cities in the next few years.

pureyogagrass4Could this spell trouble for rival mega-chain YogaWorks and/or little guys trying to make an honest buck? We’ll see!

Honestly, with the selection of teachers they’ve culled (er poached, whatever) for the roster and training, it really is quite impressive, if not somewhat ostentatious (Rodney Yee? hmm). Notable instructors like Alison West, Jason Brown, and Marco Rojas are highly recommended and knowledgeable in their fields – though it does say “guest instructors” doesn’t it. Anyway, let’s not get carried away…cause you get all that and more for… $4000? We’re not kidding! At that rate we’re going to have to hold out for the Wii version. (ps. though a lot of dough, $4k is actually not that out of the ordinary for YTT these days).

pure-yoga-green-brown-wallWe wish Pure Yoga the best on their mission to conquer the yippie yoga world. Hopefully for them the sheen and schmanciness won’t fade as fast as that poor, once-lush now withering “green” wall. (it’s still brown sadly)

The deets:

Training: 200hours in 10 weeks, Oct 2-Dec 6 (nights and weekends mostly)

Curriculum includes:
• Focus on practice of asana and alignment technique
• Introduction to pranayama and meditation
• Teaching  methodology
-Manual adjustments
-Effective communication skills
-Teaching Practicum and Development
• Applied anatomy and kinesiology
• Basic  Sanskrit and chanting
• Yoga ethics and philosophy
• The business of yoga

Guest Instructors:
Rodney Yee, Colleen Saidman Yee, Manorama / Sanskrit Studies, Alison West, Marco Rojas, Jason Brown, Mary Barnes, Michelle Demus and other guests TBC.

Rates: $4000
$3750 Early Registration – before September 4
$3600 Equinox Member – before September 4
$3500 Pure Member – before September 4
A $500 non refundable deposit is required to secure your space in the training.
Balance will be due on Sept 18th. No refunds will be issued after Sept 18th

YogaDorks want to know: do non-members get free yoga at Pure during the 10 weeks of training?

[Pure Yoga]

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  • damn, and they didn’t ask me to teach!

  • a.

    Yeah, but $4000 is still cheap compared to some trainings… I’m thinking Bikram teacher training which is around $10,000 for the training + required hotel.

  • Elizabeth

    $4,000 is reasonable for a 200 hour training; or at least in my experience it is average. I have taken two high-quality, comprehensive yoga teacher training programs. For the first, we paid per unit (e.g. $40 for this workshop, $100 for that class series) and paid a base fee for the teacher training intensives. For the second, which had two segments, we paid around $1700 for each segment. It was an excellent program, and I plan to take it again.

    I am suspicious of programs that cost a great deal more (unless they have many more hours of quality training).

  • Les

    Dear Yogadorkstasana: I will be a part of Yoga Tree’s teacher training this fall and they offer free classes during their training which is a weekend warrior training for 6 months. It used to be that they asked teachers if they wanted to let the trainees in their classes but they finally laid it out across all teacher and all classes. I think this should be the norm around the world. Somewhere you gotta give a little love back……….

  • Well, the fee structure sure is impressive (from their point of view, I mean). The training for yoga can stretch between two weeks and a year, depending on the curriculum you are covering. Of course, whether you go for it all will depend on your experience, objective and knowledge.
    I think the best approach would be to find out about their training from local people who have attended a program. You can even talk to your yoga teacher and find out where he got his training from.
    A good training program should include yoga philosophy, history and details about postures. This includes alignment, contraindications and benefits. It should also include details on pranayama, breathing and anatomy. There should also be a lot of stress son practice teaching. Check these out before you enroll for any program

  • jordan judd

    pure is deperate for customers . i walked by with my yoga mat and someone ran out into the street and tried to drag me in to sign up..
    come on now really

  • $4000 personally I think is too much, especially when the majority don’t have the finances to invest into such a program. If there are yogis who have the money, more power to them and the best of luck. Pure is great but we must not forget that it doesn’t possess that “communial feeling” like most smaller studios possess.

    Pure should at least make their program a 300 hr program and offer free classes to the teacher trainees while they’re in it. It’s sad how corporate is capitalizing on yoga.

  • uwsyogi

    It was probably me that saw your yoga mat and came out to say hello. Pure Yoga is new to the UWS and excited to be in the neighborhood. Just trying to be friendly.

  • UESYogi

    Non members do get free yoga during the 10 weeks of training.

  • uwsyogi

    Today is the last day to sign up for the teacher training if anyone is thinking about doing it.

  • Joy of yoga

    Has anyone taken the 200 YTT Program at Pure and can give feedback?
    I am considering it but am hesitant because it’s new and expensive.
    Any info would be helpful! Early registration is February 15, 2010.

  • jordan judd

    hi joys of yoga
    check out new york yoga ‘s teacher training.. they have been doing it for years and its less money and a in a small group http://www.newyorkyoga.com.. also pure had the first one with rodney yee and now its no more rodney just the staff and the same price

    good luck joys

  • Joys Of Yoga

    Many thanks JJ.
    I like New York Yoga’s website and its clearly laid out syllabus. Many others do not offer such highly organized and structured program. I can’t believe I missed both their open houses for Teacher Training. I’m still weighing out pros and cons. YogaWorks is also one I am considering.

  • jordan judd

    hi joys
    you should call leighann the manager.. her cell phone is 917 716-6006
    she is a really great person
    they have like 5 spots left.. problem with yoga works is that they train so many people because they have 25 locations is that when you come out the training there are so many yoga works trained teachers when you audition you wont stand out.. you will be another one with that certification.. good luck!

  • Sassi

    Does anyone know when the next Pure teacher training is going to start?

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