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[Because It’s Tuesday!] Motorboat Laughter Yoga, the Merriest Medicine

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Hey you remember Dr. Kataria right? He’s the jolly fella leading the yuk yuks on World Laughter Day (and was also featured as the Guru of giggles in EnlightenUp!) Indeed, he’s the merry man of mirth!

In true laughter yoga/ ‘Because It’s…’ form please enjoy your Tuesday pre-lunch belly jiggling, motor boat style! Yeah, that’s right, start your engines. (Honestly at first thought we figured this was like the raspberry-lips motor boat you look utterly foolish doing, and which is only acceptable in front of a small child for their entertainment.. you know “brrrrrr…” But oh, it is not).

Warning: You may want to pull any nearby beverages AWAY from your lips. IT WILL make you laugh…or at the very least it will make you smile at the ridiculousness 🙂

via Buzzfeed believe it or not

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