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“Yoga School” The Horror Movie

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Keeping in-line (heh) with oddball news the past few days here’s another weirdo Yoga reference, in a Korean horror film.


The title: Yoga School.

The plot: A group of ladies, insecure and obsessive over their looks, are lured by this mysterious “Yoga School” promising everlasting beauty, which of course these young dames believe will bring them ultimate happiness. Needless to say, things do not turn out as they had hoped.

Though that’s just a wild guess. Judging by the official promo poster below and the accompanying on-set photos we imagine our assumption correct.


Yikes. Creepy or what? It is apparently a pretty gross statement on the emphasis and obsession placed on beauty. But maybe the most horrific part is that the “Yoga School” is employed as the beauty-making promiseland. And also, of course, that they all die! (again we’re guessing, but if we know anything about Korean horror flicks, which agreeably is not much, this is a likely conclusion).

“Yoga School” is directed by Yun Jae-Yeon best known for her direction of the third Memento Mori film Wishing Stairs, another crazy horror movie.

Release Date Aug. 20, but Westerners will just have to wait to pirate it online. sorry.

[JoongAng Daily] see more pics at dramabeans

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  • hey, I can do that with my left leg! ask my students! 🙂

  • joven

    woah… eugene in a horror flick… cool….

  • Shauna

    U mean the movie haven been out yet?? i really want to watch the movie! it seems real scary ! 😀 hope u guys can give me the add on where to watch it with english subtitiles 😀 mail me!

  • Light

    Shauna to watch it for free right online without any download go to this web: http://www.asian-horror-movies.com
    I just finished watching it haha 😀 it was pretty sick

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