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Wanted: Yoga Teacher, Reality TV Star

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now_hiringHot on the heels of the Celebriyogi ‘Teacher Talent’ Edition, comes your chance to be a reality star! Sorta. A dear friend* spotted this Wanted ad for USA’s reality series “Character Fantasy” searching for a yoga instructor to help one aspiring yogi achieve the dream (fantasy?) of becoming a teacher. A little like MTV’s ‘Made’ but maybe a bit less teenybopper targeted – we’ve never seen it.

Here’s the ad from realitywanted.com

Character Fantasy gives everyday people the chance to live out their ultimate fantasies. We’ve done all sorts of fantasies ranging from extreme sports like dirt birking and mountain climbing to simple celebrity inspired makeovers. Coming up on Monday, July 27, we are helping someone to begin her dream of becoming a yoga instructor/studio owner. We are looking for a trained yoga instructor that could help guide her through the teaching process and work with her on her practice. Because of the nature of this show we ask that you only reply if you are available on the shoot date and in the great LA area. Previous experience teaching a must and knowledge of Bikram yoga a plus.
This is a paid gig. Payment negotiated upon hiring.

Of course a TV show can’t a yoga instructor make, but at least in this case the aspiring yogi could possibly continue studying and actually achieve the dream? A little more likely than say the superhero and private eye fantasies (a bulk of the show is about being made over as a movie star or “character”).

So here you go! Another paying gig for the yoga teacher. Of course, we figure you need to be one of those ‘personalities’ for this, and what is it…photogenic?

Also, this is shooting in LA, so be ready for the cavalcade of yogi/actor competition.

* if you don’t know about ARedLotus.org you should.

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  • I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille…..

  • aja

    Interesting! One of those things that sounds like it could either be very insightful about yoga or totally “cringe-worthy”. I awake your review!

  • My name is Arvind Zanje, I am Experience Yoga Instructor from India, right now i am in USA for teach yoga in summer camp at Sate of Maine, I am teaching Yoga since last 12 years in India, I am master level of Yoga instructor, I am teaching all kinds of poses and Yogic kriyas as well as Breathing and Meditation, I am available for your job and TV show, reply soon, my e-mail is : arvindzanje@yahoo.co.in

    • byre gowda

      i sir i am looking yoga master .for morning 2hours evening 2hours from r m nagar bangalore 560016. phone no :9243473554 pls call.

  • Wow ARedLotus.org ROCKS! Thank you for sharing the link!!! I love your blog. Been lurking for awhile. Keep up the great work!!!

  • william smith

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