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Meditations on Mutations: Rollerblade Yoga?

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We know some yogsters are gonna LOVE this and some are going to freak right out.

rollerbladerRemember Rollerblades? They were all the rage back in the days of cutoffs and poofy hairsprayed bangs. These days ‘in-line skating’ ranks among the list of extreme sports, but the actual ‘Rollerblade‘ brand hasn’t seen a great spin of sales since the era of high-tops. But it’s 2009 and team Rollerblade are revving up to wheel their way back into the heart of pop culture!

How you say? Well how about yoga? It’s hip. It’s cool. It’s so NOW. And you may not realize it yet, but Rollerblade will have you know that what you’ve really been lacking in your fitness routine is a yoga+rollerblade fusion: Mobile Yoga! We’re not making this up. It’s part of a Rollerblade yet-to-be-launched comeback campaign, and it’s basically what you’d think: yoga on roller skates.

Brave souls at theskichannel.com actually gave it a whirl:

You have to focus more on balance, for one thing, and end up using a ton of core strength. And the fluidity of spinning your wheels utilizes long-lost motor skills (from back when you were slicing a road slalom on those same skates) while revving your heart rate a lot more than the typical Vinyasa class.

Hmm…we dunno. Fun and trendy or recipe for a massive contusion? We have trouble enough staying vertical on those little wheels without getting fancy with yoga.

Also: “Rollerblade is currently certifying Mobile Yoga instructors.” Wha?

Image by © Glyn Jones/Corbis

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  • oh Jeeze! enough already! today i saw a studio here in Houston is advertising “fight club yoga”. WHAT? i assume it’s so silly yoga and kick boxing fusion. seriously people! why cant yoga just be yoga?

  • That’s funny- I gave up roller blading because I wanted to be able to continue doing yoga!! After taking a couple of bad falls and injuring my shoulder, I opted to keep my feet firmly planted on the ground 😉

  • Kim

    oh my, yoga fusion of varied types popping up everywhere like when things go mainstream. should we keep yoga to ourselves or should we spread it and face the consequences of yoga styles running amok. i agree with let, yoga be yoga. it’s been westernized enough. what about going back to the roots of yoga and preserving it in its purest form?

  • a yoga studio in my area has stripper poles. I’m not lyin’!

  • My dog will only do pure traditional yoga. Rollerblades? No thanks, that’s crazy!

  • Maybe the idea behind Mobile Yoga is to to meet people where they are. Not everyone is ready to endure the often slow pace and introspection that is required in a typical yoga class. For those who recognize the importance of the inner and outer flexibility tools that yoga can provide but are accustomed to a moderate to high intensity cardiovascular workout to reduce stress, this could be a very good combination.

  • Seems like it’d be dangerous seeing as most people do yoga with their eyes closed. I can see the hope for it to work, but have trouble visualizing how it’d be accomplished without sacrificing the great traits of yoga itself.

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