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Eat Pray Love Ex-Husband Responds With Memoir, Own World Travels

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eatpraylove_coverHey Eat, Pray, Lovers…ever wonder what happened to the second half of that fateful marriage author Elizabeth Gilbert ultimately severed in order to seek truer pastures? Hope you’re ready for it in book form.

That other half, also known as Michael Cooper, is prepared to divulge his side of the story involving the relationship, divorce, and his subsequent odyssey to the Middle East, because obviously Mrs. Gilbert can’t have all the soul-seeking traveling to far off countries fun, or the waterfall of profits from relaying the tale.

Apparently Cooper has some ‘splaining to do and Hyperion saw the potential in numbers, because why not? Ex-wifey’s worked out pretty well. You may have heard Gilbert’s got an Eat, Pray, Love movie in the works starring Julia Roberts! mhmm.

So do you want to guess what the memoir’s called? “Displaced.” ouch.

Says Publisher’s weekly:

Cooper offers the flip side of her tale—his account of overcoming the divorce and embarking on his own world journey. According to Hyperion, he goes on a “search for purpose” that leads him through the Middle East and other developing countries.

No clue as to whether yoga plays a role, but our guess is no. Keep an eye out for the book to be released in fall 2010. Wonder who will play Mr. Cooper in the movie version of Displaced. Kevin Costner? George Clooney?

drink-play-f-andrew-gottliebAlthough we hear Andrew Gottlieb‘s satirical retort, Drink, Play, F@#k: One Man’s Search for Anything Across Ireland, Las Vegas, and Thailand has already been optioned as a screenplay, with Judd Apatow‘s name once attached.

Get in line Mr. Cooper.


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  • I love this!

  • I saw Elizabeth Gilbert speak in Chicago. She said she no longer meditates and does not speak Italian. So she said don’t look to her for any inspiration for your yogic or spiritual path.

    I thought this was real freakin’ honest of her instead of the usual wispy breathy yogini on a journey shtick. And yes, she did marry the Brazilian dude and they live in New Jersey. yes, New Jersey. not Bali, not in an ashram, in the real world.

  • eat, pray, love movie is now seeking extras via craigslist!


  • I sent that link to a friend of mine. Her guru is the guru that Gilbert refers to and my friend also stayed in the ashram that Gilbert wrote about.

  • Elizabeth

    I think anyone who read the book and knows of the guru/lineage that Gilbert writes about knew IMMEDIATELY to whom she was referring. (This is based on it taking me all of 30 seconds to figure it out, and a quickie, un-scientified poll of my close friends.)

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