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[Bits of the (Sunny) Day]: Solar Eclipsing; Wanderlust Contest Winner!

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solar_eclipse2_nyt072209Well the eclipse happened, we are all still here. No turmoil and demons just yet! Though even Baba Ramdev dismissed the ancient superstitions. More on that guy later. We don’t live in Asia so we basically missed the event of the century. Ah well…we can admire the pretty pictures, and might we say the sun is a little shinier today after the moon gave it a nice once over. Here’s a fun and awe inspiring slideshow from the NYTimes if you, like us, live on the opposite hemisphere. (and here’s an even better collection of photos thanks to @YogaChicky)

And now to announce the winner of our inaugural giveaway! Weekend passes to the Wanderlust Festival of Music and Yoga in Lake Tahoe, CA.

First off, thanks so much to everyone who entered! We enjoyed reading all your poetic contributions.

And the winner is… Kia! Huge congrats to Kia with her winning entry on what ‘wanderlust’ means to her:

right here in my heart
waiting for mind to realize
do not look past self

Fave runners-up shout outs go to Amanda and Sarah Calandro. Also, to taraaSG, we hear you girl…25 is a rough ride. Hang in there, clarity will follow!

Thanks to all! More giveaways to come on YD. yippee!

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  • kia

    Thank you for the tickets. I am really excited to have the opportunity to go and get bendy while shaking my booty for everyone that can’t make it. I’ll see what kind of web/tech capabilities there are for updates. If none then expect a nice re-cap when I get back. I’ll also twitter the road trip from colorado via @mrscabeen and send you the more relevant ones.

  • Sarah

    Congrats Kia! 🙂

  • Congrats Kia! Looking forward to hearing about your trip!

    Thanks for the encouragement YogaDork 🙂

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