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Giveaway! Win Free Tickets to Wanderlust Festival!

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Hey West Coastin’ Yoga and Music fans, did you get tickets to the Wanderlust Festival in Lake Tahoe next weekend? NO? Us either! But we’re stuck on the east coast. Here is your chance to win a pair of FREE tickets to the event we wish we could go to! AND if you’re feeling up to it, the winner is invited to be the official YogaDork correspondent in the field and post updates from the fest. Check out the flyer and read below for details…

wanderlust flyer

WIN: One winner will get 2 “Seeker” tickets – meaning 3-day passes that’ll give you access to ALL the musical events and yoga! read more about the fest and schedule at wanderlustfestival.com

How to Enter: Feeling poetic?

1. Create an original haiku in 140 characters or less on either “Why I should go to Wanderlust” OR “What ‘wanderlust’ means to me.”

2. Post it to your blog and/or to your twitter account and add your link to the comments of this post, which will count as your entry. No blog or twitter? No worries, post in comments 🙂

Because of the limited time, all entries must be posted by end of day Monday, July 20th. May the best yogi poet win.

*Also, let us know if you want to be a YD field reporter!*

–please only one entry per person. these are just tickets so you must provide your own transportation.–

21 comments… add one
  • lustingtowander

    getting the ball rolling…

    I wander through the
    notes and phrases and measures
    each day in yoga

  • Deborah

    practice all will come
    sing to the highest places known
    repeat and say thanks

  • Alyssa

    Yogis come here for
    Jenny Lewis in short shorts
    This sunburn be damned

  • Me: artist, yogi,
    Craving new experience.
    You: weekend of my dreams.

  • Oops, that last line was one syllable too many! My real entry:

    Me: artist, yogi,
    Craving new experience.
    You: a dream come true.

  • kia

    Good luck to the winner. I look forward to seeing what you report. And please get a picture of The Mutaytor if you can. I love them.

  • Thought about going
    Gillian Welch Andrew Bird
    Oh, the yoga too.

    #wanderlust tix.
    correspondent job sounds fun.

  • Why do Wanderlust?
    breath, breath, boogie! breath, breath, breath.
    breath. boogie! boogie!

  • just turned twenty-five
    yoga and music help with
    quarter-life crisis

  • To dwell in mountains,
    groove to the art: a band’s song
    and soul through yoga.

  • kia

    right here in my heart
    waiting for mind to realize
    do not look past self

  • kia

    I didn’t realize the contest was still on. My week is kind of open. I would be willing to report.

  • I wanted to clarify, too, that I’d be happy to cover the fest… to see my writing clips, check out: http://www.amandahirsch.com/writer/

  • kia
  • Rogue Waves splash the shore
    wet lips whisper with Girl Talk
    they Spoon by the lake

    I’m going for her and the music!

  • open lake waters / gateless trails to mountain tops / tickets on the house


    thanks, yoga dork!

  • Thin air on Water
    Music so high above Sea
    Sounds like the Ocean


  • Roberto Vega Peralta

    the lust of my wandering
    yoga will commence it
    music will perfect it

  • admin

    thanks to all who entered!!! congrats to Kia!
    post: wanderlust contest winner

  • I am wanderlust
    Om, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti
    We are wanderlust

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