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Haute Couture Model to lead Wii ‘Yoga’ In Your Dreams

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anja_rubik_creepyhands_highfashionAnja Rubik embodies the spirit of Yoga and thus is the perfect guide to increase motivation and promote the practice of this peaceful fitness regime.

Slinky selling from Markus Reutner, marketing manager of JoWooD Productions, the company responsible for Wii ‘Yoga’ due out this October (not to be confused with yoga in Wii Fit). International model Anja Rubik has been tapped to act as a guide in the new game, along with a 3D Animated Guru.

Right, well it’s pretty clear this fresh young 24-year-old Polish model is a stunning gazelle worthy of some gawking (aaand possibly a nice bowl of pasta – that’s another blog) BUT, is she a yogi?

Anja Rubik is an ambitious yoga fan and practices this ancient philosophy to provide balance in her stressful everyday life as a model.

Huzzah! Well, there ya go, a model yogi! JoWood really hit the jackpot: a top 15 ranked international model AND a yoga enthusiast. Perfect! Er, not quite. While we respect that Anja actually practices yoga, is “enthused” even, and she’s probably a very nice gal, what is the deal? Why on this green earth would the brains at JoWood think that choosing a model, a paperthin Kate Moss-like catwalker at that (not even buxom VS vixen like Adriana Lima – we know how gamers think) would embody the spirit of yoga and increase motivation? Pshaw, like monkeys might fly outta…well, our asana. Gee willikers…we won’t even get started on image issues.

Yay for eye candy or boo for poor representation?

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  • as I said on another blog, seems like the only good yoginis are the young, skinny, white ones….again.

  • ankit singh

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