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Kooky or Cool? Lavish Healing Center, Temple M, New York’s ‘Taj Maharlem’

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michel_madieThey’re calling him a “kook” disturbing the peace, but Michel Maddie claims the “Taj Maharlem” is a spiritual center and B & B that’s meant to “elevate through arts, spirituality, and education.” Oh yes, there is yoga, magic, flamenco classes and “organic delights” from the garden, and you can even rent the one available room for $2,000 a night! Temple M (the official name) is Madie-described as a “soul elevator” which by the sound (and looks) of things reminds us of a creepy/cozy den of drumming and hippie trip outs one would normally find in the village, but run by a super rico real estate magnate. We totally want to go!

temple_mQuaint it is not, the $12 million triplex “healing center” is tucked far up on West 141st Street in Harlem, where neighbors are buggered about music blasting at all hours and hoping the city will take action on Madie’s permit-less parties. And parties there are indeed. The spot only opened this summer and has already seen two weeks of theater festivals, jazz, and spoken-word events in May, flamenco/paella night in June and belly dancing planned for later this month. All events for which he is accepting donations of course ($25 suggested is what we hear, though it seems to vary).

Says the Post: “The Department of Buildings issued two violations to Madie in June for holding theater events in a residential district, and for failing to obtain an updated certificate of occupancy.”

“My function in life is healing. The essence of Temple M is esoteric and ecumenical,” Madie said. “I’m giving my heart to the neighborhood.”

Unfortunately for Michel, the multi-occupational* 51-year-old Frenchman by way of Corsica, New York City permits are pretty much set in stone, and the “neighborhood” is more or less thirsty for his blood.

*(resume boasts astrologer, psychic, semiprofessional tango and flamenco dancer, photographer, cook, former model and actor, and veterinarian)

The Taj Maharlem, Kook Sets Up Home ‘Nightclub’ [NYPost]

Temple M on Facebook

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  • Damn hippies!!!

  • I’m a Harlem resident (born in NYC not a transplant) and this place is simply a treasure… not a club – there is no alcohol, and all amplified music, when there is any, ends no later than 10:30… they hosted a fundraiser for NY2NO.org and didn’t charge the youth-led non-profit organization a dime! The guy has a huge house… he hosts cultural events that contribute to Harlem, not take away. I hope they don’t get shut down before the next NY2NO fundraiser ft. Living Colour’s Corey Glover -fusicology.com/new/index/events/detail.cfm?rid=3&id=24120 Also, I don’t believe the neighborhood wants his blood; there’s white neighbor in the building next door who was yelling at folks coming into the venue last time I was there, she repeatedly calls the cops & I wouldn’t be surprised if she called the NY Post!

  • what hippies do when they get rich! it sounds like an incredible place!

  • Alex

    “neighbors are buggered about music”

    Hey – love this blog and you guys rock, but just wanted to point out that you are actually saying that the neighbors are…having anal sex about music? To bugger means to engage in sodomy. Buggery laws, etc…

    : )

  • admin

    haha.. alex you’re right, but also…
    “Today, the term is a general-purpose expletive, used to imply dissatisfaction, or used to describe someone or something whose behaviour is in some way displeasing.” from wiki
    nice lookin…we can use the sharp eyes 😉

  • An Actual Neighbor

    NB: After looking at the links I, I can’t tell whether the article above was written by the person who owns this blog or was taken from the New York Post article about Temple M dated July 12th. The articles are very similar. What ever the case, my comments are directed at the party responsible for the the article above. It would be helpful if source and authorship were clearer.

  • Support Indie Artists'

    This whole article is BOGUS!!!! I find it so interesting that the writer of this article (STEFANIE COHEN) just so happens to be friends with the Owners who lives next door to Michel Madie (Judith Matlof who works for Columbia Journalism School & her husband John Van Shaik). This is merely an attempt to defame the Owner of Temple M based on the fact that Ms. Matlof & Mr. Van Shaik did not win the bid on what is now known as Temple M…they are simply enraged based on that & will do any & everyting to retaliate (I won’t mention here the other details…they are bullies)! Do they not know there are LAWS against that! My concern with this article is the writers lack of facts!

    Am I the only one sensing the venom/tension in every other sentence typed? Are you Jealous that YOU do not reside where Mr. Madie does Ms. Cohen? You keep bringing up $$$…I think I’ll be contacting your boss to see what he thinks about your writing skills! Mr. Madie is currently being harrassed by his next door neighbors & has received threats in the mail(Do you not have anything better to do with your time?). How uncivilized we are as a people!

    I am apart of an enormous Artist community who LOVES Temple M and all that it has to offer to the Community of Hamilton Heights & beyond. I also know many people who work for HPD in several divisions & they don’t take phony 311 calls lightly (It’s also against the law). Nobody should/would take any of this lying down!

    Temple M is an amazing performance space that continuously gives back to the Community of Harlem in more ways than one…don’t believe everything that you read people! I too could have one of my writer friends write up a juicy article as well about a few things, but who wants to invest all of their time & energy into something so EVIL!


    Harlemmite 4Righteousness



  • VENTURI Graziella

    Bonjour Michel! Do you remember me?
    Je t’ai vu à la télé en Corse, et ça m’a fait un sacré choc!
    Je serais heureuse D’avoir de tes nouvelles.
    Si tu ne te souviens pas de moi, je ne serai pas vexée. Mais moi cela m’a fait extremement plaisir de te voir, Et si tu as changer une peine, ta vois est exactement la même!!
    Au plaisir d’Avoir de tes nouvelles. Graziella Venturi. Bastia

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