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Insane on an Airplane: Yoga in the Aisle

in Public Display of Yoga, Thanks for the tip, YD News


Ms. yoga traveler demoing the “traveler’s triangle” safely removed from any potential neighboring grumblers

Oh what a coinkydink. We were just mouthing off about Jeremy Piven, celebrities et al, having the room and audacity to turn a down dog in the middle of an airplane mid- flight. Because clearly they are in first class…punks. Well who needs the first class jazz when you can ‘Yoga on the Go’ anywhere!

The local San Fran ABC affiliate has a handy video to demonstrate just how to get yoga action 30k feet up, or hey! even on a bus! Well, we suppose you could give it a try, but we can’t guarantee your neighbors will appreciate it. Really though, besides the captivity of coach, we can’t remember a time when it’s actually easy to “move about the cabin” to even go to the bathroom without being gridlocked by those ding dang beverage carts (though, admittedly, perhaps we need to take nicer vacations to far off lands with longer flights..sigh).

We do agree, shoulder rolls and psoas stretches can be tiny miracle workers on long journeys, though maybe the ‘traveler’s triangle’ might be best reserved for road trips, lest you get caught up in fellow passenger mile-high sky rage (you might want to offer them a few deep breathing tips). Also, speaking of cranky and cramping, you might try a little swooping svaroopa to relieve tension. If only those stinkin’ airplane bathrooms were a little roomier.

Hey who knows maybe you’ll incite a full on yog-athon right there on the airplane! Yoga in high-flying harmony. Let us know how that works out.

ps. The ‘instructional video’ is also a pretty darn good commercial (not abnormal for local news) for the new YogaWorks location. Score another for the YW PR team.

oh one more thing.. if you watch the video, which we wrestled with due to stupid flash, did anyone else cringe at the news reporter’s sneaks on the yoga floor? are we dorks er what. (that’s ‘gym shoes’ for some of you non-easterners)

ABC local via Yoga Journal Buzz

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  • Hmmm…is there a “mile high club” patch out there for my yoga mat? Maybe with bonus chevrons (or clusters, or whatever) for different asanas (the more difficult, the fancier the add-on)?

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