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Gap Gains on Lululemon’s ‘Free Yoga’ Game

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boxinggloves_gap_luluNot content with competing on price point alone in the yoga garb race, Gap Inc. is ready to take a bite out of the “free yoga” in-store lulu model. Pretty soon all they’ll have is obnoxious window displays to set them apart! Oh and creepy training.

In a move to become even more of a threat to Lulubirds, Gap has introduced a mini series of “Complimentary Yoga” at their schmancy 5th Ave NYC location, and have enlisted the buzzworthy likes of Sadie Nardini and Ashley Turner to pied piper in the customers. The special events are part of the marketing plan in place to launch a new line called Pure Body, which, made up of layer-capable cotton/spandex, is prepped to capture some of the yoga-as-everyday-wear business. Yes it’s basically a big commercial, and obviously the “rotating concept” store is smack in shopping central on 5th Ave, so yoga class could be rigged to cause some commotion on the street (they turned it into a kiddie dance circus back in March). Be forewarned.

Alas, we all remember who Gap Inc. is right? Gap (naturally), Old Navy, Banana Republic, Athleta (newly acquired), Piperlime. Yeah, big time. With Old Navy already taken a swipe at the higher priced yoga butts, ahem, it’s Gap’s turn.

For reference purposes only:

Pure Body collection includes Pure Short-sleeve Crew and V-neck T-shirts [$16.50], the Pure Tank [$14.50], the Pure Modal Hood [$34.50], the Pure Foldover Pant [$39.50] and the Pure Razorback Gown [$19.50]. Colors are primarily versatile neutrals.

Complimentary Yoga Lessons at Gap (5th ave btwn 53rd and 54th)

Saturday, July 11 – Instructed by Ashley Turner

10:00 a.m. Pure Body, Mind & Soul (1 hr.)
12:00 p.m. Pure Flow (1 hr.)
2:00 p.m. Pure Weight Loss (1 hr.)
4:00 p.m. Pure Power (1 hr.)

*Ashley’s classes will be followed by a Q&A.

Saturday, July 18 – Instructed by Sadie Nardini

10:00 a.m. The Fierce Club Flow (1 hr.)
12:00 p.m. Learning to Fly (1 hr.)
2:00 p.m. Bikini Boot Camp (1 hr.)
4:00 p.m. Total Body Transformation (1 hr.)

You’ve gotta call to sign up (212-330-8080) and sessions are limited to 12 yogis which they claim is for exclusive one-on-oneness, but we suspect is due to limited space between clothing racks.

Not too shabby for shilling: Participants also get a free Harmony eco mat from JadeYoga ($59 value) and there’s something about 200 trees being planted in conjunction with the event through JadeYoga’s connection with Trees for the Future. (they plant a tree for every mat sold)

ps. we got this info from a press release and at the bottom it mentions a contact at Yoga Artist Management Agency to find out more about the instructors. Now what in Shiva’s name is that? Anybody want to call and see? 917-539-9659 Ask for Ava.

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  • sarah

    Are we supposed to be rooting for Lululemon? They are also one of the ‘big evil’ corporations of the world, the difference is in their marketing. I don’t understand what the news here is, large companies take over other large companies all of the time and they are obviously competing for business; what’s new?

  • i too was intrigued by said agency… i may be curious enough to do some investigating…

  • BIG companies getting into the market and trying to saturate, water down and mainstream what should be a personal and spiritual practice for health and well being~

    check out Satori Movement and womens Divine Movement for core grassroots SUSTAINABLE yoga wear~


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