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Celebriyogis: Ashley Olsen Retreats from Entertainment, Finds Yoga Focus for Fashion

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Celebriyogis are just coming out of the woodwork! Is it the looney lunar eclipse er what? Will The Piv lose his title so quickly?

Next on the mat…everyone’s favorite “You got it, dude”-spouting adorable squirt named Michelle from a totally dorkie 90s TV sitcom, and our favorite twin, Ashley Olsen (sorry Mary-Kate*).

Now 23 (! oh we feel so old now), Ms. Olsen tells Hamptons Magazine how she’s decided to put her acting shoes in storage ashley_olsen_yoga_shadesand dig her heels into fashion full throttle, an especially arduous and exhausting task when living on both coasts and jetting back and forth. (We think she designs stuff, but it’s nothing we could ever purchase so we really don’t know for sure). Poor gal is so busy she has no time to stop and worry about eating healthy.

A self-described “worst eater in the world” Ashley usually fuels her fashion fire with fast food. “Being in the garment district, it’s Subway or pizza. I never actually thought about what I eat.” Oy, we know. But, hark! She has found the light after a recent yoga retreat…the light presumably being a tasty concoction of yoga with side helpings of healthy veggies and proper nutrition. Indeed, she attended the retreat to be Panchakarma’d (Panchakarma is in the Ayurdevic tradition of cleansing).

“It was the first time I had ever done anything like that,” she says. “It was really interesting to go by myself and just meditate for a couple of days. I was with two teachers for a week and a half. I needed it.”

“I learned about cleansing and eating right for your body. I came back energized,” she says.

Phew, right?…now she can truly focus on the seams and hems, without coming apart at the, uh.. seams?

Oh and her upscale line is called The Row btw, we’re not complete fashion dumdums. or at least we know how to read 😉

(*that’s not true, we love A+MK both equally. The pair has actually been seen together post yoga class, sweating it up at the diner.)

[via Star Magazine]

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