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[caption] Sarah Palin Runs Wild, Panders to Yoga-bama Nation

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Oh, doncha know, it is on!


–Alaskan Governer Sarah Palin Panders to America’s Yoga-bama Supporters–

We never expected it, though we had hoped for it, and some had already pretty much decided to pretend anyway… but a presidential yogi? Ah, too good to be true! That’s why we have no doubt in our minds that Sarah Palin, posing in Vrksasana (tree pose) for Runner’s World article “I’m a runner”, will have no chance at Dame Commander in Chief come 2012.

Besides, this shot (and her shot at Obama) was about outrunning the prez in a long distance race. Also, it’s ingrained in every yogi’s brain not to place the foot on the knee…pfft. Yes, we’re afraid we still have no affirmative confirmation on a presidential yogi, and that this is just another candid abuse of asana for a cute photo op. You betcha, le sigh.


(AP Photo/Runner’s World, Brian Adams)

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  • I miss the national joke that was (is?) Sarah Palin. It is so right that she is doing tree wrong.

  • Mary

    I was trying not to let it get to me but this brief article doesn’t sound very yogi. It almost sounds catty. I’m inspired by a busy successful woman who has the time to take care of her body (and she obviously takes care of her body). But you don’t have to say that if you don’t like her.

  • Mary

    Or did I read that wrong? Was I just being too sensitive?

  • Byron

    Personaly I don’t care if she is doing yoga wrong. When you look like her she can pretty do anything she wants and no wrong.

  • Byron

    Nake that read “Personally I don’t care if she is doing yoga wrong. When you look as good as she does, you can pretty much do anything you want to , and us old guys will forgive you as you are pretty and can do NO WRONG.” If we elect her President I will watch her on TV with the volume turned off…..

  • WOW. This is great. SP comes through every time.

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