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[Because It’s Canada Day!] And Almost Independrunken Yoga Day

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UPDATE: More drunk yoga

Pretty quiet on the yoga news front today… it’s like everyone’s out celebrating major national holidays this week or something…
oh we kid! Happy Canada Day you cute lil Canucks! *pinches cheeks*

This has nothing to do with Canada Day (or does it?) but in yogadork style we don’t have to make perfect sense all the time, just be dorks. Here’s something fun/inneresting we’ve encountered in our daily cavorting of the interwebs.

google_yoga_image_searchWe’re pretty sure everyone and their yoga mothers have seen this by now – it’s been coasting the internets for a while, and even made viral email status as YD pal @Rock_My_Soles shared with us – but it seems to have made SUCH an impression that when doing a simple Google web search for the word “yoga” it is the third, THIRD, image to appear on the front page. That’s right, keepin’ it classy internet folks 😉

of course the original (we’re almost certain we’ve seen this on a greeting card already):

vodkayoga “should not be attempted without supervision” it reads. Words of advice from Yogacharya Iyengar.

In your Canada Day and pre-4th celebrations, remember to drink and yoga responsibly. (yoga before booze, eh?)

via EnglishRussia.com you can scroll down for some other, uh, asanas? or further cringeworthy drunk skunks.

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  • When that picture was emailed to me it had been modified to say “yoga from India” vs “yoga from Wisconsin.” Of course I sent it on to a friend from WI who promptly wrote back and said, “How did you get that picture of my husband and his dad? Ha ha.” Anyway, it’s pretty funny.

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