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Knockoffs Abound! Lululemon Fends Off Black Market Pirates

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lulu-spot-a-fakeWhat’s one thing you DON’T need when profits are performing sub-par? Knockoffs! We’re not going to call this the ‘yoga’ tipping point per se, but rather the lulu luxury tipping point in yoga-image-wear. When there’s already a dubious murmuring from investors, seriously staunch competition and exorbitant prices working against you, the last thing you want consumers to catch onto is a cheaper, easier to find replicate, doggone it. Nevertheless, be warned! Lulu fakes are in our midst and it’s not pretty!

In fact, lulubots are so appalled by the influx of disingenuous, goal-less yogawear that they’ve taken to the blog in an act of heroic proportions to stop the pirates from pillaging our pocketbooks for lesser-than-great stretchy clothes! (deep breath) They go full throttle into the “quality” argument, but then dig deeper questioning your very morals citing that bootleg could mean boo for factory conditions (admittedly a fine point, though some have also questioned the lulu standards as of late).

Of course, all this knockoff talk has a flurry of lulu lollies perplexed and rummaging through all their lulu garb to be sure it’s authentic. So many questions…”What if I bought it on eBay?” “Are there knockoff booty pants? What does this mean for my butt?” and “What will the real lulu do for the victims of such a gross offense?

Well, the answer to that last question is probably nothing, except steer you towards your closest lulu shopping cart. Know what we say about knockoffs? First, sweatshops=bad bad bad, but if these duds are anything close to the ‘designer’ handbags you can snap up from Chinatown at a fraction of a benjamin, we can imagine the stampede supply and demand (though for affordability we recommend opting for another great eco-conscious brand instead. just our opinion). Rest assured, if you’re really gagging to buy a yoga image, save your pennies for the real deal, the lulus are happy to show you how.

Also, an additional tidbit of interest to yogadorks as it were, is the provocative choice of the word “counterfeit“. Of all the synonyms available in the English language for ‘fake’ (knockoff, imitation, forgery, reproduction, etc..) they choose the one most closely associated with the grand ole buck. Go figure.

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