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[Because It’s Friday] YogaDork Tribute to the Guru of Pop

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new_york_post_michaeljacksonFirstly, apologies for the brief somber tone…allow us to indulge our childhood memories: With all his idiosyncrasies, surely a legend has left us in the passing of Michael Jackson…it’s taken a while to actually hit us, as most shocking news will do, but we’ve finally reached a state of sobering reality and stinging nostalgia (*tear*). Now it’s just a lingering feeling of aw man, that sucks. Alas, the words and statements of much more famous figures than we have already said pretty much all there is say at this point. All we can do now is celebrate life! Something we tend to forget to do until we’re so abruptly reminded.

So on this kickoff to a swell weekend of opportunities to give back, we’d just like to offer our own modest YD shout out to the Guru of Pop, the kindred spirit, the dude who inspired us to dance, encouraged Weird Al Yankovic, and made us really want a pet monkey. Michael Jackson lives on.
(ps. no we have no idea if he ever tried yoga)

Keep On With The Force Don’t Stop
Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough

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  • One of my favorites! Thank you. A perfect way to start the weekend.

    And it does suck. It sucks that someone so gifted had to lives such a sad and tortured existence. Perhaps his next time around will be a bit lighter.

  • This has had me so bummed out, YD. Genius is genius and most genius is freaky – MJ was no exception. Tears, frustration, and now, yep, This Sucks.

    Thanks for the vid. I showed it to my kids on TV earlier and was struck by the message.


  • Poor Jacko. He really could have used some yoga ~ it might have helped him accept himself and be happy in his own skin.

  • you never cease to make me smile, even in a time like this. 🙂 i hope MJ is in a happier place, where he can find some peace with himself and relish in the legacy he has left behind. i’m still kind of in shock from it all… my best friend’s mom just passed away yesterday too after 10 years of living with parkinson’s…

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