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Spencer Pratt: Twitter Enthusiast, Yoga Adviser

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And now the latest in Celebriyogi news! We use the term loosely for this hopeful chap*.

One half of the Speidi duo, Spencer Pratt, has taken to 140 characters to endorse his favorite Yoga teacher. And there you have it… Kyle Miller gets the 1/2 Speidi stamp of approval! (ps. we’re not sure Kyle asked for this glowing endorsement).

What say you, the lowly common yog…do you trust the quasi-celebriyogi opinion of Sir Spencer? Have you been to a Kyle Miller class? (It’s a lady btw)

* it’s come to our attention some of you may not realize who Spencer Pratt, or Speidi may be and what they DO. They’re celebrities of course! They celebritize. Spencer and Heidi Montag Pratt are actually pretty much famous for nothing, unless you want to count “acting” on MTV’s The Hills, annoying Al Roker and every single other cast member on the craptastic reality showI’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here” (that could count as “a something” in some circles, but in this case it’s up for debate). The wikipedia entry describes the pair as “television personalities,” so…there you go.

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  • Angela McWilliams

    I’m not sure an endorsement from Spencer is a good thing or not for a yoga teacher…

  • Ummm…who exactly is Spencer Pratt? What’s the Speidi duo? Okay, I’ll Google them…

  • admin

    YogaforCynics.. see the update 🙂

  • Hi!! I’m Kyle and I have to tell you I did ask Spencer for the shout-out on his twitter because he is one of my oldest friends and he has 300,000 followers. I know he may not seem like the most yogic-type, but he is a very good friend to me and my family and he always supports me. I was wondering the same thing… is an endorsement from him a good thing for a yoga teacher?? But it sure has gotten me a lot of hits on my blog which is truly my pride and joy. Thanks for the interest!!

  • Aja

    Wow – I am heartened to know that Spencer practices yoga! Good luck to you Kyle!

  • I don’t really know who he is either. But it kinda freaks me out that he has a photo (of himself?) as his Twitter background…

  • lol, lol, lolz to everything here!

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